A Concept of Quantum Realities – Part 2


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Expounding on the concept of our reality being a series of energy pulses, let’s use a few analogies to make this a bit clearer. Think about a strobe light that’s usually used at parties. Have you noticed when it’s used in a dark room with a group of people and set to a slower rate, it looks as if everyone is part of a still photo shoot. There is no perceivable motion when the strobe light is on almost like it’s part of a movie frame. However, as the strobe light is turned up to its highest rate, everything then moves in a linear fashion without the start and stop effect of still photos.

Now, as long as the strobe light pulses are on, we are able to see our reality at that point. But what happens during the time between pulses when the strobe light is not lit? Keeping that question in mind and switching back to our quantum discussion, other realities or dimensions are being experienced during the time that the strobe pulses are “off” in our reality. As far as we are concerned, we are only sensing our physical reality only as long as we perceive that these strobe-like pulses are on. Hence, the only reason why we only sense these particular set of pulses and not those in other dimensions is because our own physical bodies are only in sync with those pulses of this reality.

Another analogy would be the film used for movies before the digital age came along. As I mentioned before the film is comprised of a long set of consecutive still photos that are shown on a projector at a certain rate to give the illusion of real motion as far as our minds are concerned. But what happens if we swap out the film image with a totally unrelated image on one or two frames? If we watch the film again we may not notice anything. However let’s say the image is that of a bag of hot buttery popcorn. Once again when we watch the film, we still don’t notice anything but wait! All of the sudden we seem to have this craving for popcorn! Welcome to what is now called subliminal programming that was actually used and may still be used in today’s movies! Although this is getting off topic a bit, it’s interesting to note that although our conscious minds did not pick up on that image of popcorn, our subconscious mind was still able to process that image into the desire to eat something.


Let’s try another experiment with our imaginary film strip. Let’s place that image of popcorn on every tenth frame of the film and replay the movie. Now our conscious minds will, in fact, pick up on the image but it will appear as a very dim transparent, ghost-like image superimposed on the movie. The reason why we perceive it like this is because our minds perform a bit of processing to normalize the image information of all the frames within a particular time frame. Since the popcorn/hot dog image only appears as a small time slice compared to the related images of the movie, our minds will place greater weight on what appears the majority of time and simply downplay the popcorn image to an insignificant transparent image.

I actually tried an experiment where I took two different photos: one with some scenery and then one of the same scenery but with myself standing in front of it. I then used my video editing software to create a series of duplicate video frames of the first photo and then placed the photo of me on every fifth frame. Although it was a bit choppy, when I played the video, I was able to see the background scenery behind me thus making me somewhat transparent. The more frames of my image that were spliced in comparison with the plain scenery, the more solid I would appear!

Comparing these movie frames with strobe-like quantum pulses, could it be that the cryptids like Bigfoot and the Little People are able to go out of sync with the quantum pulses of our reality to appear less solid and more transparent? If they were not part of our dimension, that is, their strobe light is on when ours are off, all the time, then we would never know that they even existed or could even interact with them. However, that is not the case! They have appeared solid to many witnesses over the years AND they have also appeared not quite so solid to the point of being barely perceptible. That implies they have some mastery over their quantum state. Not only can they keep their quantum strobe pulses in sync with ours by appearing solid, they can adjust the strobe/pulse frequency up or down to only allow their pulses to sync up with ours only part of the time hence appearing cloaked or translucent.

This frequency rate of pulses are part of the quantum signature I previously mentioned and allows multiple dimensions to exist within the same perceivable time and space. Another question can be asked: Is it possible to have the same quantum pulse frequency but yet be out of sync with the same reality? Yes, definitely so! This involves the concept of phase shifting and I believe it explains how the Cryptids make full use of this method. As I mentioned everything that we can perceive as one of the states of matter (for instance.. solid, liquid, gas & plasma) all pulse together in sync with our own human bodies to give us that full sense of physicality. What would happen if we were able to, for a moment, cause a slight delay in the quantum pulsing at the base level of our cells?

Let’s compare this to the turning of a bicycle wheel that turns a full revolution of one turn per second. We painted the top part of the wheel with white paint in order to track where it’s at at any one point while it’s turning. Now let’s take another bicycle wheel and paint the top of it with white paint as well. If we align both wheels with the white paint at the top and start turning them at the same rate of speed, the white paint will be at the same spot on both wheels regardless of where it’s at at any one point of time. However if we were to align the first wheel to the top and then align the second wheel to start turning from the bottom, the white paint will always be at opposite ends of the wheels all the time. In our strobe light analogy, that means that whenever the pulse was on for the first wheel it was off for the second. At no point in time do the two wheels exist in the same realm or even partially. This is similar to the case of the quantum signature being at a different frequency except the frequency is the same for this reality but is said to be 180 degrees out of phase. It’s very possible that each dimension has a mirror equivalent where things exist opposite from each other in the quantum state. I’m sure most everyone has heard of noise canceling headphones. They work on the concept of using two different signals in this case audio that are 180 degrees out of phase with each other to cancel each other out. In some ways when applied to quantum states it could indicate the existence of a separate realm where the Crypids possibly reside.

What happens if the quantum pulses are less than 180 degrees out of phase? It stands to reason that as the pulses move closer to being in sync with our reality, the more visible the Cryptids will become. Starting out at 180 degrees out of phase, the Cryptids are completely invisible. As the phase shift becomes less, the Cryptids will then be seen as somewhat translucent, creating a distortion of the background behind them. In fact, I created a translucent image of myself in front of a tree and notice two important things: First, I was completely blending in with the color and texture of the tree and second, my image appeared more two dimensional almost like a flat picture against the tree. Could it be that the faces we see on trees may, at times, actually be the Cryptids looking at us while in their translucent state? Definitely food for thought!

As the phase shift becomes less than 90 degrees, the Cryptids will slowly begin to appear as solid beings. It has been my observation at times when I have taken a series of consecutive photos of Cryptids, they start out as solid but slowly fade to becoming transparent or cloaked with the background bleeding through. I believe that they prefer showing themselves as solid only when they are still and then become translucent or invisible before moving on, especially if they know they are being observed by humans. Personally, I think they have really mastered the art of stealth using their special abilities like this to completely fool 99% of the human race into thinking that they are not there at all!

It’s really amazing when photos can be taken while the Cryptids are doing their quantum state transition. I noticed they start out as solid before turning into this hazy bluish-violet glow that slowly fades out to nothing. I think the color change has a direct correlation with the change of quantum state. The higher the frequency or phase shift, the higher up in the light spectrum the colors will be displayed. They tend to be dark anyway especially on photos and, when I try to enhance the lighting and colors of the images, the Crypitds will always stand out with a bluish violet tint in contrast with the rest of the background! So perhaps their natural color is very close to the Ultraviolet color band of the light spectrum. Only children and certain people can see up in this range and note all the details, the rest of us only see a very dark silhouette of a figure. Perhaps this gives meaning to the phrase that the Bigfoot live in the shadows! Once they start their quantum transition their lower UV color goes higher to the point that no human can see them as they fade out of sync with our reality.

There may be some scientific basis for this color shift if an object experiences a quantum shift of frequency or phase. I’m sure everyone has parked in front of a railroad track while a high speed train approaches blowing their horn. Notice that the horn not only gets louder and the pitch of the tone starts to go higher. As the train passes, the horn immediately starts to go lower in pitch as it fades off in the distance. What we have experienced is the Doppler Effect – As a sound source moves closer to us the pitch goes up and conversely, when it moves away the pitch goes down. Light is also affected by the Doppler Effect, for instance, in detecting distant planets. As planets move closer to us their color goes up in the light spectrum while going down as it moves away. By measuring these color changes, scientists can determine if objects in space have an orbital pattern thus indicating the possibility of a planet. It is my contention that there is also some kind of Doppler Effect in play as objects or beings transition their quantum state to affect their color as observed us. Since our quantum state as humans seem locked in place, the rising change of quantum state of an observable object is similar to it “moving rapidly towards us ” thus raising its color as a side effect. The opposite is true too, as an object changes its quantum state lower to match ours, it’s slowing down and lowering the color of the object as it fades in to a solid state.

So, in conclusion, I have presented quite a few concepts that seem to make sense with everything I have personally observed with the Cryptids over the years. Keep in mind this is just a proposed theory and some of what I talked about may or may not be completely on target. However, I think it has the ring of truth and, at the very least, will get others to think about this for further research.

Our Return to Telepathy


I received some interesting information today while driving into town regarding the subject of telepathy and it was requested that I share this:

Everything that’s conscious has the ability to use telepathy because everything is connected just like the internet is connected to most computers around the world. Every node or conscious entity has a built-in receiver and transmitter that allows communication in the etheric network. A radio receiver, for instance, has to be tuned to a particular frequencies in order to hear stations broadcasting on them. Ham radio operators, in order to communicate with each other, have to have their transmitters and receivers set on an established channel or frequency in order for everyone to communicate with each other. In the same vein every entity that communicates with each other does so by being “tuned in” to a common channel or frequency on the etheric network.

However, there is not just one channel that an entity can communicate with as multiple channels can be accessed by will. Every entity has a designated channel unique to themselves that others can tap into to send thoughts to them. The receiving entity, recognizing the source of the message will respond by transmitting a thought message back to the sender’s unique channel. In ham radio terms this would be called “cross channel communication” and is very specific to point-to-point communication.

There are also central node channels that entities can communicate with each other as a group. The is very similar to the way conference calling works in our world. In an etheric sense this would be called group consciousness that is shared by any number of entities. They can naturally tune into this simply by being part of a group that shares common interest, ideals, friendships, experiences, etc. This increases the energy bonds between individual members of the group to the point that when one member of the group has an idea or thought then others seem to come up with the same. A great example of this happens to humans when they have a close emotional bond with someone such as a mother or father. How often have you tried to call your parents on the phone just to find out that they were trying to call you at the same time! This is a form of telepathy that humans already experience but don’t realize it.

Group telepathy is more prevalent with humans than the point-to-point method. Point-to-point does require greater focus and intent directed towards a particular person for them to receive the thoughts. However, the receiving person has to have their receivers “on” in order to get the message in the first place. It seems that most humans can transmit thoughts but the problem is our internal receivers are not working in order to receive what’s being transmitted. This is why entities such as the Sasquatch and Little people can clearly “hear” our thoughts whenever we enter the forests and can thus discern our intent immediately.

Malevolent entities have taken advantage of group telepathy in humans. They have artificially created a common channel for humans through thought conditioning of the masses. Religious, political and economic belief systems are all part of this conditioning. This is further supported by all forms of media and especially now with the advent of social media to further strengthen the etheric bonds shared with each other. Humans that become engrossed in this system connect to this common channel and end up sharing the same way of thinking. Most will claim that their thoughts are their own but in reality they are receiving the same thoughts via telepathy from the group consciousness channel. The elites have also picked up on this and have used it to their great advantage by controlling masses of people in swaying elections their way to keep them in power.

Those humans that have pulled away from this conditioning and have developed new bonds with nature are in essence re-tuning their telepathic receivers/transmitters to be more in line with channels used by the forest people. Over time, the bonds become very strong and group telepathy with the Sasquatch starts to become apparent along with other humans sharing in the same experience. We then become grafted to their group in order to receive vital information that will allow ourselves to evolve further including point-to-point telepathy with individual Sasquatch/Little People as well as eventually with each other human-wise (this message is a result of that communication). This process will take time. Remember humans once had these abilities naturally. Long ago humans began to focus on the material world instead of their interconnection with nature and the abilities atrophied over time. We have to slowly bring ourselves back to this connection and re-establish our place as a responsible species on the planet. Only then will our long lost telepathic abilities be fully restored.

– Samantha Ellen Ritchie

A Concept of Quantum Realities – Part 1


When we talk about our physical world we are really referring to that which our physical bodies can interact with our five senses. With our eyes we see the beauty of nature – the trees, lakes, animals and birds of every kind. Everything we see also has form of some kind whether it is solid or liquid. With our hands we can feel the bark of a tree and even water when we wash our hands under a running faucet. We also note that most solid objects like trees are opaque yet a solid pane of polished glass can almost seem invisible. Even things we cannot see directly we acknowledge its existence such as the wind as it causes the branches of trees to sway by the power of its force. Yes, there is much diversity in this world we live in, the reality we interact with each day.

Have you asked yourselves the question, “Is there anything else beyond what we as humans are sensing? Is there something beyond our perception that is just as real as our world and yet totally invisible to us?” Some may already be aware of paranormal encounters with ghosts and UFO sightings that suddenly appear and then disappear. Sightings of Cryptids such as Bigfoot and the Little People have been witnessed all over the globe by people who have no reason to fabricate their claims, many doing so with great personal sacrifice of their careers and relationships.

Those of us that have moved past the question of, “Is there anything else out there?” are now asking the question, “How does something exist outside of the physical world we live and, outside of our ability to detect with our five physical senses?” Another question can be raised, “Can other worlds or realities exist in the same physical space of our own world?”

Thanks to the theory of quantum physics we are beginning to understand some concepts as to how this can be possible. The idea of different dimensions or realms are entering into the thoughts of average persons from science fictions movies and shows over the past few decades such as “Stargate” and “Sliders”. Now science seems to be lining up with much that has been produced as so-called science fiction. Did some of the script writers have connections with those “in the know” that were fully aware of this new science but was kept from the general public?

In this article I wish to lay out a concept of quantum realities and how this process, in lay person’s terms, may work. Though I am not a scientist or physicist, I have personally studied electronics as a amateur radio operator and have a very good knowledge of the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum. I have also been a computer programmer for the better part of thirty-five years and the more we look at the nature of our reality, the more it begins to resemble how computers and software works. Even our DNA code is comprised of sequences of four unique amino acid proteins that forms the basis of a 64-bit computer instruction. A combination of these DNA sequences actually forms the software program that each cell reads and performs its unique functions accordingly.

Let’s begin by talking about a computer with a single CPU processor. The earliest of these (main frames) and the first personal computers could only process one set of instructions at a time. This was called “top down” programming which meant that the CPU would start at the first or top instruction and work its way down until it came to the end of the program and stop. These computers did not originally have the capability to process more than one program at a time.

A little later, a function called an “interrupt” was introduced that would allow one program to run, then stop temporarily to run a few instructions on another program saving a “bookmark” of where it left off and then resuming back with the first program. Though the computer with a single processor was going back and forth with these two programs it was happening so fast that people just assumed the computer was running two programs at the same time. In time, this “interrupt” feature was subsequently built into the newer CPU processors. Today we call this multitasking as hundreds of programs are running seemingly at the same time.

Keeping the concept of the “interrupt” in mind let’s now talk about how we as humans perceive our reality. Although our higher consciousness may exist outside of time and space (a discussion for another time), our physical awareness of our world seems to flow continuously just like a program on a computer. But what about other programs that may be running at the same time? Although we may perceive everything as being non-stop, our quantum reality may just be a series of software instructions that gets interrupted at regular intervals to allow other programs to have their chance to run. In technical terms this would be referred to as a “time slice”. Each program gets a time slice share of the CPU’s processor. This also reminds me of how a vacation time share works. A group of people share the same property but are allocated a specific “time slice” when they can have exclusive use of it.

This basically implies that our reality is nothing more than a series of start and stop actions. Of course we will not perceive it that way since it is taking place at an incredible rate of speed or frequency. Think about watching a movie at the theaters especially in the day when film was actually used. As far as we’re concerned everything on the screen seems continuous and flowing with no sudden jerking motions. The reason it only seems that way is the film is presenting a series of still photo frames at a rate that our mind does not perceive as being still. A standard rate of 20 FPS (Frames Per Second) is enough to fool us but if it were slowed down enough we could then see the individual stills being presented. So what is the quantum equivalent of these start and stop stills that make up our reality?

Let us examine this very logically. For our reality program to be unique from any others it must have its own unique identifying code or name. The quantum equivalent of this is a quantum signature – a unique energy pattern that everything in our reality shares at the very underlying core of our existence. You might say that it is the underlying foundation from which everything in our perceivable reality is based. This is very important because it keeps everything in this reality from slipping in and out of other dimensions creating nothing but chaos in its wake. So if our unique reality is like a single computer program what happens when it is actively being processed by the universal CPU processor?

A quantum pulse of energy takes place allowing a particular “time slice” of a reality to have front and center stage, at least for that micro-micro-moment. When the pulse has completed, that reality’s data is stored while other realities or dimensions have their time slice activated until our reality comes full circle for its chance to be resumed. Keep in mind this is happening at a staggering super-high frequency thus giving us the perception that all realities and dimensions are happening at the same time and within the same space.

This is a very plausible concept of how quantum realities may work. It certainly gives an explanation that at least gives a lay person a chance to understand and convey to others without being branded as crazy.

Thus far I have proposed that each reality or dimension has a base quantum energy signature or pattern complex and structured enough to contain all the data necessary to establish the characteristics of a particular universe. In the greater scheme of things, each reality or dimension gets access to its own “time slice” by the ultimate universal processor created by the Source God of the All.

Can a particular reality or dimension contain several realms that are related to each other quantum signature-wise but be out of phase with each other?

In my follow up article, I will further present how these different realms may exist and how the Bigfoot and other Cryptids may be accessing them.

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Inter-Dimensional Encounter at the Beach

Portal Location on the Beach

The following blog article was first posted on my Pleiadiansage Blog site [http://pleiadiansage.com] on December 15, 2017 and felt it was important to also include on Planet Sasquatch since all these experiences seem to be related:

It’s been a while since I have posted an article as I have been busy in my interactions with the Sasquatch and my spiritual guides in ramping up my remembrance or re-learning of the knowledge of universal truths. Along the way I have discovered more of my empathic and psychic abilities as my pineal gland (3rd eye) becomes more active. This has also heightened my ability to know when the Sasquatch are around and has assisted me in knowing when to take pictures in certain directions and later discover them upon photo analysis.

As of this past summer, my friend Anita Hlebichuk has been accompanying me in my research out in the Cascade Mountains. Due to her own unique psychic abilities of being able to mentally see or hear beings such as the Sasquatch or Little People, it has worked out well for both of us in making sense of our experiences. We both came to the conclusion that the nature of reality is vibratory and entities we don’t normally sense in the 3D world are simply vibrating higher or lower than our own quantum state. That being said, our experiences with what we feel is completely inter-dimensional has increased, surprisingly since the solar eclipse of few months back.

In mid November we both attended the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, WA to glean more information from the speakers but mainly to meet up with fellow friends and researchers. Getting there on a Friday afternoon and checking into our hotel, we decided to take a drive down the peninsula as the weather was nice and it was something I really enjoyed doing all the times I visited before. As we got to the half way mark of the drive, Anita began sensing a deep sadness, not for herself, but from some other entities. As I asked further of what she was feeling she best described it as the sadness of being stranded, knowing you will never see home or loved ones again. The feeling continued to intensify the closer we kept driving towards the peninsula’s tip. It seemed to be strongest near a turn out parking area that gave access to the breakers between the ocean and Aberdeen Bay.

We were perplexed as to what this could be. Were these the spirits of long lost sailors who are bound to the earth forever? “A ship”, she says, “it has something to do with getting here on a ship.” There was not much more we could make of this as it was getting time to attend the evening session of the Summit so we left.

Saturday morning we ended up getting a late start and decided the Summit’s morning session would have to be a wash. After a quick breakfast we decided to give it another go towards the end of the peninsula to see if Anita would sense these entities again. Sure enough, after we made it down to the half way mark, she once again was sensing the sadness but this time I started to sense something additional about them but waited to tell Anita. As we neared the same parking area next to the breakers I said, “Anita, they’re not dead spirits. They are inter-dimensional beings and the ship that they are referring to is not a boat but some kind of inter-dimensional or space transport vehicle.” I told her that’s the explanation that came over me very strongly but I didn’t want to say anything out of doubt. “That’s it! That’s what they are!” as Anita continues to confirm what she was now getting. It’s like, what I said, was the key for her to make sense of who these entities were.

After parking we decided it was time to walk down towards the breakers to see if anything else came across. Anita is now sensing them off the chart as we close in on a particular spot and stop. She then picks up messages from them that they actually came here via an energy portal. Their collective voice tells her to look for a tall piece of wood sticking up on the beach. We looked over about 50 ft and noticed four tall sections of driftwood that were staked in the ground to form a box, within it were stacked a number of other logs. As we approached, Anita gets confirmation that this is the spot where the portal exists or, at least, where the entities are able to see it in their own dimension. They furnish additional information to Anita as she could best interpret it:

  • They are very different in nature from what we are in this reality and could never exist in our 3D world.
  • They are from a place that that could never get back to as the portal they were using malfunctioned and they ended up here.
  • They could travel anywhere on the planet but it still is not home to them.
  • They had been here for a very long time, hundreds if not thousands of years from what she was feeling.
  • They had given up all hope of leaving to go home hence the intense sadness they were feeling.

The letters “TC” and the color red was also sensed by Anita when she inquired what or who they were called. [We now refer to them as the TC Inter-Dimensionals. The color red is still a mystery.]

I proceeded to write the letters “T C” in the sand along with an old Nordic symbol Ansuz (similar to “F” that I use to represent myself to the Sasquatch) and placed my hand on one of the driftwood supports of the portal location.

We both felt helpless as there was nothing we could do to solve their problem of getting home. Although the sadness was still felt of being homesick there was no longer the sense of total isolation as they were finally able to contact a human directly. There was one humorous moment where I keep asking questions through Anita, “Can you ask them this or that?” and she would come back and say they can hear and understand my thoughts directly so I didn’t need to use her as a go-between. After lingering for a bit we left in order to attend the Saturday afternoon session.

After we arrived at the casino where the Sasquatch Summit was taking place, Anita went off to take care of some things working with another friend who had a vendor table in the front. I walked in the main conference area but did not feel compelled to stay but a few minutes so I walked out and talked with a number of people who knew me. Just as I grabbed a cup of complementary coffee and sat down on a comfortable lounge chair I could still sense the TCs and felt their emotions coming through. I could also feel their thoughts starting to come through so I grabbed my notepad, cleared my mind and let their thoughts flow through as I continued to write. After 2 1/2 pages of writing I stopped and was very surprised at some of the information that I didn’t understand at first.

This is the message they gave me:

“We come from a distant region of space in another form of reality. We exist as energy forms on a different plane of existence. We are giving you the ability to receive our thoughts by tuning into your particular energy pattern. We will guide your thoughts to form expressions that make sense to humans. As far as Anita is concerned, she has the ability to not only hear our thoughts but we hear her thoughts too. We also hear your thoughts and we can help you with the ability to hear us as well.

We are very grateful to be given this opportunity to establish communication with other sentient beings after a considerably long period of time. We travel by means of streams formed by tubular conduits that propagates our being to different locations on your planet. These conduits are energy in nature but are denser to form what you would refer to as solid objects in our existence plane but still invisible to yours. [Note: The energy Ley lines come to mind as what these conduits are.]

We are able to travel within the confines of your reality’s base energy pattern [Note: I assume this refers to the unique quantum signature of our universe or reality]

Our portal was transfixed to send and receive our energy patterns to a particular base pattern that was unique to our world and universe. That pattern became distorted somehow and, while in transference, we ended up here. There was no way to retrieve that unique base pattern thus our portal became dis-functional. It’s similar to a checksum in your computer’s memory that halts the operating system when a mismatch occurs. Due to the complexity of the pattern and combinations thereof it would be like as you would say finding a needle in a haystack.

We cannot propagate our species here nor build a meaningful life due to the mismatch of our nature to this particular reality you exist in. [Note: This sounds a bit like a limbo of sorts much like spirits stuck on the earthly realm.] We stay close to our portal location in hope that it can be fixed and activated someday.

We detected both of your energy patterns among many that were different/unique from other humans as you were attracted to our distress call coming from our portal location [Note: Anita initially sensed them and their sadness or being isolated] We were anxious to have you figure out we were here but when you left we felt grief of having our hopes dashed once again. But as you returned the next day, you stopped and walked towards our portal. We then knew we had made contact! We had confirmation that we had connected when your symbols were written in the sand.

We are overjoyed beyond belief that we are no longer alone and that is a great comfort to us!”

So that’s where it was left. We enjoyed the rest of the Summit activities and left the beach on that Monday. We both wonder about the TCs and their fate but feel there’s always hope in the universe for those that keep a positive outlook. There’s a reason for everything and there are no coincidences.

There’s was no coincidence that we took that drive down the peninsula. It was meant to happen – in was meant to give hope when all hope seemed lost…


Samantha Ritchie

When the Universe Listens…

This past Saturday (July 7th, 2018) started out as any other day in the mountains. My friend Anita came up for the weekend and after getting some coffee and a bit of breakfast at Wapiti Woolies, we made plans for which of our research areas we would visit first. The previous day I had received a message that I should bring Anita down to the Field of Dreams (research area #1) to address the Little People together. It seems they are really digging the interactions they are having with me and they wanted more of my friends to engage them as well or at least acknowledge them when visiting.  So the intention was to go to this area first closer to Greenwater before driving to our more remote spot.

As we got in Anita’s car something told me to change plans and go to the more remote area (we call the Fortress) first. As we approached this spot there were campers there so we decided to drive up the mountain road towards a particular hairpin turn above the Fortress and then park. Here’s the funny thing… both of us spontaneously said or thought “Let’s just continue on to the top of the mountain.” So as we continued past the hairpin turn, my mind drifted for a minute about my health concerns and how I’ve been thinking about getting back to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment.

Arriving to the top and parking, we got out and admired the beautiful weather and the awesome panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. However, the trash and shotgun shells laying all over the place was a big distraction and I didn’t feel right about pulling out our gravity chairs to relax amid all this debris. So I suggested we at least pick up a lot of the trash and shotgun shells before taking it easy on the chairs. A half hour later we had two large sized bags filled as can be seen above. We were trying to do our part in being good stewards to the planet by our effort and it was a great feeling in doing so.

Finally we grabbed our Indian drums and my flute before kicking back on the gravity chairs to play. The combination of Anita’s drum and my flute made for some beautiful music and we continued playing for several minutes before a car pulled up. We thought at first it may have been people looking to do some target shooting and the last thing we wanted was for anyone to invade this spot and mess it up all over again. So we continued playing.

It turned out to be a couple. The woman got out first and walked over to us and complemented us on the music. It turned out that they were looking for a place to camp by the river below but something told them that they should continue on up the road. I said “You’re in luck! We just cleaned up this area right before you arrived.” By then, the man got out and walked over to introduce himself. It didn’t take long to realize that they were on the same spiritual path that me and Anita were on as we talked about the universe and consciousness. It was as if we knew each other for years and that in itself was an awesome experience. We welcomes them to go ahead and set up camp while we continued to play the drums and flute. They were also going to be joined by their spiritual teacher who was also going to camp for the night.

At some point they pulled out their business cards and it turned out he was a chiropractor and she was an esthetician – both were involved in the work of healing! He then says “I just so happen to have my adjustment table with me in the car and I can give both you and Anita adjustments”. Talk about the universe answering back as I was just thinking about this earlier before we arrived!

After they set up camp and gave us chiropractic adjustments it was time they had to go back to Greenwater to meet their teacher so she could follow them back to their campsite. Since they were going back we offered to go back and meet their teacher at the general store. I also suggested they follow me to my place to get some firewood to help them out. Meeting their teacher was extremely enlightening and both Anita and myself told them we were coming back to the campsite a little later.

As we arrived back at the camp around 7pm the couple along with the teacher were gathering even more trash and shotgun shells along with the brass spent rounds. We proceeded to help them finish the task. I was also surprised at the number of unspent 22 rounds we found and we made sure they were separated from the other brass rounds for safety sake. The rest of the evening at the camp was unbelievable. So much information to be shared. What really floored us was the teacher wanted this couple to come out there and not only connect with nature and also learn about the forest peoples and entities that dwelt there. Of all the people this couple runs into, we are the ones the universe provided for them to learn what they needed about these very things!

By the way, earlier when we were playing music right before they arrived, I had one of my intuitive moments, grabbed my camera and took pictures off to the right side of the mountain. The Sasquatch were there and they were also nearby as we sat around the fire later that night!



When the universe listens… it will also answer…

The Bigfoot and Little People of the Cascades

It’s been a busy couple of years for me not only trying to do my research but dealing with certain health issues and the loss of a dear friend that was living with me. There has been plenty to report about with all the wonderful experiences we are having in the Cascade mountains and some great photos of our forest friends, the Sasquatch. Most of this has been posted on the Planet Sasquatch Facebook group since it’s easier to pop on a post with a couple of pics and a couple of sentences. It does take much more work to write a blog but I feel I need to get back in writing mode as I started work on my second book but got nailed by some serious health problems that landed me in the hospital a month ago. I am feeling much better now and have the energy to once again crank out some much needed information.

Back when I started having experiences with the Sasquatch in 2013 my focus was only on studying them, who they were, where did they live and what did they eat. A lot was learned in the course of two years including three encounters with the young ones and a direct encounter with an adult that acknowledged me waving at him. However there were things I did not expect like seeing them cloak and witnessing orbs and a light portal. I had to accept this as very real events and it caused me to expand my questions to include:

Are they inter-dimensional?
Can they go from a physical form to becoming orbs?
What was that light structure I saw with my own two eyes? A portal or the visible part of a larger ship?

This was a lot to digest and left me with more questions than answers.

Although I had a full sixty second experience of watching the reddish/orange glowing light array pulsating in mid air and a beach ball sized orb moving toward it before entering it, I did not immediately report this event on my YouTube channel. This actually occurred on September 12th of 2014, just one day after Barb Shupe, in the company of myself and others, captured a cloaking Bigfoot on her Ipod in the same area. Her video is easy to find on YouTube if you search “barb cloaking bigfoot”. There are also a number of analysis videos including the one I did revisiting that event:

Being blown away by both of these over-the-top events I waited almost a full year before I decided to do a video about the portal/orb by retracing my steps and describing what I saw.  The video is still on my YouTube channel and is linked below:

This video was recorded on August 22nd of 2015 and then posted to YouTube. Soon afterwards, a YouTube viewer messaged me about a large dark entity watching me from a nearby tree as I walked by. I went back to review the video and was stunned by what I saw! It seemed to appear out of no where and went through a series of what can best be described as shape shifting its form several times. The enhanced slowed version of this is below:

So now I had to expand my thinking again and ask if the Sasquatch could shape shift as well. However, it also began to occur to me that maybe there are other kinds of entities out there – not just the Sasquatch.

Just a couple of weeks later on September 9th of 2015, I once again walked through this magical spot I now call the Field of Dreams and turning around to walk back I took a photo towards the spot where I first witnessed the light portal. After getting home and examining the photo, there next to the portal spot were two entities – one looking like a Sasquatch but the other clearly something else.  This other being stood about 6′ tall and was wearing clothing like a rob with a pleated top (see below):


More questions! Who was this? An ET? Since this all happened near that light portal spot, were different entities coming and going using this as a transport portal to other planets or perhaps another dimension? Whatever preconceived notions I had before this about virtually everything evaporated because now I knew anything seemed possible! However, the fun was just starting for me with even more startling revelations!

December 1st of 2015 – My friend Patrick Epistemon and I went to a newer area a few miles further away from my original research spot. As we tried to clear a way to get through it was obvious that all manner of trees and brush were pushed onto the old logging road we were following and was not caused by human hand. We nicknamed this the Fortress for that reason. Someone did not want humans to have easy access to this area! My very first photo while there at first revealed an interesting being that I assumed was a small Sasquatch cuddling a baby. This is a very enlarged part of the main photo (it was not right in front of me but at least 25 ft away):

The Fortress Watcher

Examining the other part of the main photo my eyes were drawn to some branches that seemed to have something colorful behind them:


I could discern a small group of human looking beings standing behind the branches. The only shocking thing to me was the fact that they could not be any larger than a few inches! Once again I kept this to myself figuring that I’d report on it if anything like this ever crops up again. Well, I don’t have to wait long and this time it happened in the Field of Dreams almost a year later in the later part of 2016. As I was examining one photo I noticed something shiny and not at all natural and what looked like a gold helmet:


Here’s a closeup:


It was another Little person skulking around the ferns! In the following months, I started seeing more of them in my photos and decided to do my first YouTube video about them:

As time passed, it became apparent that there was not only clans of Sasquatch living here in the Cascade Mountains but also villages of Little People that best I can determine live underground or directly under large old tree stumps that have been hollowed out on the inside.  In December of last year I took a photo that revealed my clearest picture of a white haired Little person not more than a 10 feet from where I was standing (of course I did not notice him until after I looked carefully at the photo on the computer):



Standing further back was a young Sasquatch that catch my attention first:


In January of this year I captured a photo of what I call the Little Warrior:



Since then I have been looking at my earlier photos and discovered another Little that was actually wearing miniature reading glasses:


As of a couple of days ago I had the privilege of both a Little Person (left) and Sasquatch (right) together in a photo:



I will add more to this particular post – there is so much to share but now I need to get ready for a radio program I’ll be on tonight so until next time…


Third Annual TS-USA Bigfoot University

Be sure to join us for this great event on April 21 – 23 at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Bremerton, WA. Several well-known folks will be presenters/speakers including Dr. Matthew Johnson (of the Southern Oregon Interaction Area), Bob Gimlin (of the 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film of “Patty”), Ron Morehead (known for the best Bigfoot/Sasquatch audio recordings – the Sierra Sounds), Joe Hauser (of the Montana Vortex), Johnny Manson (organizer of the Sasquatch Summit).

The other researchers that will be speaking/presenting are:

Alyssa “RunsWithWolves”
Ed Brown (Bigtruth YouTube Channel)
Greg Ogles
Guy Edwards (Bigfoot Lunch Club)
Kevin Beegle & Samara Terpening
Lori Simmons
Peter Jamtgaard
Scott Taylor (BFRO investigator)
Samantha  Ritchie (Planet Sasquatch)
Tim Collins

Click here to go to the registration page to learn more about this event!

Shape Shifting Entity on Video!

September 25, 2016 – Almost a year had passed since I witnessed the light portal and orb and I had yet to publicly report the incident on my YouTube channel. I hesitated due to the fact that I had very little proof other than my word and the photo of the sheared triangle on the ground. I did, however, disclose the incident during a presentation for the Team Squatchin’ USA Bigfoot group headed by Dr. Matthew Johnson a few months after he, along with several others and at different times, had witnessed an amazing portal at a location referred to as SOHA in southern Oregon.

As time passed in my research, it became clear that any research involving the Sasquatch would also lead to unexplainable events that could not fit neatly in the “scientific box” that many old school researchers would confine themselves to. Anything that fell outside of this “box” would either be ignored or dismissed as invalid evidence. Also, during my earlier involvement with the general Bigfoot community, I felt the peer pressure to conform to preset limits on what you could or could not report. Anything that was unusual or “out there” would be met with ridicule by certain individuals who felt they had to police or censor information, pictures or videos that did not help to establish that Bigfoot was a real animal running around in the woods and certainly a lessor being than us humans. The threat to them was to suggest otherwise, that the Bigfoot were, in fact, a race of intelligent human-like beings with their own sense of community and spirituality.

Thanks to people like Dr. Johnson and others who have not held back on reporting the strange and unusual experiences, often referred to as the “woo”, I decided it was time to come forward publicly on my experience of the light portal and orb on video. I felt it would be best to tell the story while I walked and recorded video along the same path in the area I call the Field of Dreams as I remembered it. So on August 27th, 2015, I headed to the area and stopped at a spot on the trail where I would start recording. I was amazed though at all the crazy activity up on the ridge with stick knocks while I set up my camera. I remember saying out loud, “I know! I know! I know you guys are up there but I’m here for a different reason and I need to get this done!” Go figure… the one time when the Sasquatch are trying to get my attention and I ignore them to do something else! So I passed up the opportunity to focus on all that activity just so I could tell my story about the portal!

I proceeded to record the video as I walked slowly toward the spot where it appeared and, finishing up, I headed back to my cabin to edit the video. I added a simulation of what I saw the prior year and posted it to my YouTube channel as “Episode 35 – Light Portal/Orb Encounter!

A few days later, a regular viewer of my videos made the following comment:

“Am I going crazy at 6:35 minutes in, or is there a creature almost in the center screen between the two larger trees showing off its upper body for thirty seconds or so? Blends in very well but I see movement, cone head, clear eye brows, face and upper arms from something?”

I reviewed the video slowly and was shocked to see this large head pop up just like what the viewer reported. Although the camera was moving, it was still pointed in the same general area the creature was and I was able to observe it for a half a minute before it moved behind the tree.

I undertook the task of creating a series of screen shots showing not only the different movements being made but also changing facial expressions. As I examined each shot carefully, I also noticed something else – the head seemed to be morphing into different shapes as well! On the following page are four of those screen shots and starting with the first one on the left to the right and down, you will easily see the head moving but also changing shape:


On the following video, you can watch this movement in slow motion:

The following photo comparison of me standing in the same spot will give you some idea how big this entity was:


From my personal observation, it starts out looking like a Grey Alien with large eyes before changing into something that more resembles a Sasquatch. Was this a Sasquatch or a Grey? I couldn’t tell you for sure but perhaps the Sasquatch on the ridge were really trying to warn me that something was in the Field of Dreams before I started recording! Although this left me with more questions than answers, it would not be the end of the story as you will later find out in an upcoming article.

Strange Glowing Lights in the Forest!

September 1st, 2016 – This is the follow up story of when Jim and myself had finished conversing with George outside the local tavern last Friday night. George, as readers may recall from my previous post, had just witnessed a large Sasquatch cross the main highway near Greenwater [his personal account can be read in my article entitled “Sasquatch Highway Sighting!”].

After George left, Jim was still stoked by all the excitement and wanted to go up the trail in the dark towards what I call the “Field of Dreams” to see if any activity would be present. He reasoned that since the large Sasquatch was nearby then perhaps there would be more of them in this particular area – a place where I have regular sightings. [Note: there are just a handful of people that know where this is and though I will talk about it, I will never publicly reveal the exact location] I asked Jim to hold up and wait for me to drive down to the trail head so we could go together. I haven’t had a chance to go up there at night since doing so with Barb Shupe and was looking forward to whatever Bigfoot activity might place.

Driving to the spot where I could park my car I found that Jim was already there waiting on his bicycle.Being dark outside, I didn’t see much point in bringing my camera so I grabbed my cell phone, Indian flute and head lamp. Jim, however, was ready to go without a flashlight.

“What? No flashlight?” I asked.

According to Jim, he would normally go up the trail in the night with his dogs without any kind of light source. I guess he was able see quite well in the dark however my tired eyes  needed that little bit of red LED light to at least see where I was going. Incidentally, we learned to avoid using regular flashlights while in the forest and if they were used then it was always pointed down toward the ground. Nothing gets the Sasquatch more upset than shining bright lights into the trees and this includes infrared light that we as humans can’t see.

Most of the trail is a noticeable incline and based on how fast Jim was walking ahead of me I soon realized I wasn’t in the greatest of shape to do a brisk hike.

“Slow up, Jim!” I called out to him a few times as I managed to keep up with him.

It only took a few minutes to get to our destination which finally levels out into a small open field with a few tall cottonwood trees providing a canopy over the area. Once there, we found the large log where everyone usually sits to rest and observe whenever may be seen or heard coming from the creek or the ridge.

It was fairly peaceful that night so we sat on the log as I got out my flute. I told Jim nothing brings the Sasquatch out quite like flute music so I played for a few minutes and we quietly waited for something to happen. For the most part, everything stayed fairly quiet afterwards but as I was looking behind us, up in the ridge, I noticed some bright white lights starting to appear. At first I assumed I was just seeing the light of stars shining through the trees. However, these lights were appearing below the base of the trees near the top!

As both Jim and myself gazed up at the ridge, the otherwise dark hillside started to be lit up with a faint white glow as the surrounding trees were being illuminated by the combination of the initial lights we saw. It reminded me of a how a campfire lights up the surrounding area but with the campfire itself being hidden. The more we stared, the brighter the glow became until Jim started gasping “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

At some point, I had to turn on my head lamp momentarily. Once off we noticed that the hillside dimmed immediately and after a number of seconds in the dark the glow started back up again.

Though Jim was in a state of awe at the sight, I was euphoric and laughing out loud as I knew the local Sasquatches were given us a show for Jim’s benefit! Out loud. I asked the Sasquatch to give us a couple of vocal howls and sure enough a couple of howls were heard in a different direction from the ridge. All I can say is it was a great experience rivaling the time Barb Shupe and myself came out here at night last year as we witnessed some pretty amazing activity even then.

I looked in a different direction towards one of our original gifting sites and noticed the same light glow emanating there. Jim turned his attention to that all the while saying “Oh my God!”

Within a twenty minute period we must have seen the bright glow coming from three different directions; each area growing bright then dim and back to bright again.

I wanted to go ahead and head back, being satisfied with what we experienced. However, Jim couldn’t get enough of the light show but decided to head back to the trail head when all the areas finally went dim. I tried to walk back without my head lamp on but couldn’t see two inches in front of me. As I mentioned earlier, Jim must have some kind of internal night vision since he had no trouble walking a fast pace in front of me without slamming into a tree or bush. I just kind of relied on my better than average hearing to follow the sound of his footsteps.

Within a minute we were back on the road and Jim headed home on his bicycle. I walked to my car reflecting on all the amazing events of the day: the Sasquatch seen by George and then the great light show the local clan put on for us. As I thought about it I wondered what the source of these lights really were? I know that the Sasquatch have self-illuminating eyes that can be a number of colors such as white, green, gold and red. Were enough of them around looking up at the trees to cause them to glow?

It then struck me of another explanation that most people would find hard to accept. I have already witnessed, in person, a glowing light portal and orb in this little area back in September 12th of 2014. Since then I have captured on photos and video, not only the Sasquatch but other creatures that would qualify as being ET in nature. As of recent and in the daytime, I captured two photo images of human-like faces looking down at me from the ridge. These were not some humans standing on the ground but were high up in the trees:


Could these glowing lights be dimensional portals opening and closing during the night? Is the ridge the focal point for intelligent bipedal creatures entering or leaving our area for some purpose?

Only time will tell…

Sasquatch Highway Sighting!

Aug 27, 2016 – Last night past 9pm I left my cabin to head up to the local tavern in Greenwater for a quiet drink. As I rounded the corner, I spotted a friend of mine, Jim, riding his bike frantically in the opposite direction. Both of us suddenly stopped and, after rolling my window down, I could see he was visibly shaken about something.

“Sam! I was heading toward your place! You need to come up to the tavern quickly! There’s this guy that’s visibly upset…”

My first thought was, is there some kind of crazy person starting something at the bar? Why would Jim ask me to walk into a bad situation like that? I asked Jim to explain further about what was happening. He proceeded to tell me that this guy was driving back from Enumclaw and saw something large walk right across the highway in front of his car. Jim turns his bike around to head back, “You need to talk with him as soon as you get there!”

As I pull into the tavern parking area next to the front door, I can already tell which person Jim was referring to. He was the one guy that everyone else was fixated on as I could hear him say “and it was this tall and walked in three steps across the highway…” I sat next to him and introduced myself as one of the two local Bigfoot researchers in the area. This fellow, we shall call Greg, was seated between me and Jim as I now asked for Greg’s account of what happened.

Greg goes on to relate that he, just 45 minutes earlier, was driving back from town to his campsite a few miles past Greenwater. It was already dark as he was rounding the bend past Federation Forest and, along a short stretch parallel to the White River, he immediately saw a very large, upright hairy brownish/gray creature walking across the highway right in front of him. Greg was able to get a good look due to his car’s headlights as he continues to describe the creature: it had very long arms that hung down close to its knees, very broad shoulders, a head with no visible neck area, the legs were very large and muscular and, as it turned to look straight at Greg, had a very dark face with no apparent nose and bright, shining red eyes.

The other impressive thing Greg mentioned was that, as the creature walked across the road, it was able to do so in three steps. The first step was on the edge of the road’s white line from the White River side, the second step with it’s other leg was able to reach past the double yellow line in the middle and the final step was well past the other side as it disappeared into the forest.

Greg was so shaken up that he swerved and stopped his car in the middle of Hwy 410 with the high beams pointed into the forest, got out and started running after it. However, he was unable to see any sign of it but a thicket of trees. He returned to his car and drove to the tavern just one mile away to tell someone… anyone… about his harrowing  experience.

So the story picks up with Jim hearing Greg’s story with others listening with interest, some, of course, being skeptical. The locals that have been here a while, by and large, have really come around to believing the Sasquatch do, in fact, exist. They are the ones who were less skeptical and were actually a bit jealous that it wasn’t them that saw this wonderful sight! After I arrived to talk with Greg, I further reinforced the reality of Sasquatch with all present with my own personal experiences and reassured Greg was not mentally short of a few working cylinders. Probably the most awestruck was Jim since I had been showing him real evidence for some time and he was ready for hearing this kind of experience!

After I finished a good couple of shots of whiskey, I requested that Greg take me and Jim out to the exact spot where he saw the big guy. Riding in his car, Greg drove to the bend of the road, turned around and headed slowly back along the White River embankment. Not being a very safe place to be on this stretch of highway especially at night, he pulled over to what little bit of shoulder we could and indicated that this was the spot. He very briefly turned the car sideways again to shine the headlights into the trees but there was too much traffic to warrant doing that safely so we headed back to the tavern. Once back, I talked with Greg for a few minutes before he left for his campsite.

Jim was still stoked by all this excitement and wanted to go up the trail in the dark towards the Field of Dreams to see if any activity would be present. [Note: there are just a handful of people that know where this is and though I will talk about it, I will never publicly reveal the exact location] I asked Jim to hold up and wait for me to drive down to the trail head so we could go up there together. I haven’t had a chance to go up into the Field of Dreams at night since doing so with Barb Shupe and was looking forward to whatever Bigfoot activity might place. I can tell you that we were not disappointed and will the subject of my next blog entry!

Earlier today, I drove back to the spot of the sighting but parked my car in a safer turnoff nearby. I walked along the river embankment to see if there were any signs of foot prints or other evidence. Most of this embankment is very steep with large boulders set in place to prevent flooding of the highway during heavy rains. I did come to a spot where the ground looked like it had foot traffic with pressed in areas in the sand and rock as shown in this photo:


In the next photo, one can see that there is a disturbance of the ground with loosen rocks and gravel that form a short path down into the river. A large tree trunk just so happens to be embedded into the rocks below allowing someone or something to comfortably sit there right on the river:


Across the road from this spot there just so happens to be a trail leading into the forest:


I walked into this area and it reveals a wide path that goes up the hill:


So my best guess conclusion is this: The Sasquatch has a favorite spot he/she likes to hang out with the jammed in log being a convenient place to sit and observe the river and possible fish from. The trail across the road allows the Sasquatch to quickly make its way out the river area and up the hill. Based on how worn this path is I would say that several clan members come this way for a river visit.

The only question I ask myself is, since the Sasquatch are completely aware of when cars are coming and will normally wait until traffic dies down to make their way out unseen, why, this time, did the Sasquatch cross the road in front of Greg to be fully seen? Was it meant for Greg to have this sighting and for his benefit? I’m starting to believe that there are no coincidences when it comes to the Sasquatch as I found out that Greg is also a friend of John who had been camping in the woods nearby.  John who… one may ask? John, the very same person whom I had the fortune of witnessing his awesome ability of mentally manipulating a UFO (detailed in my book) and who personally knows our small group of Bigfoot enthusiasts, the Greenwater Squatchers!

With each passing day the events get stranger and stranger… and I’m loving every minute of it!

Aug 28, 2016 – Update: I had a chance to talk with Greg again last night. I originally referred to him as Greg out of privacy concerns but he said it was fine to let everyone know his name is actually George. I obtained some more detail from his account as follows:

After he swerved his car sideways and jumped out with his flashlight, there were two other cars coming in opposite directions that had to stop due to George’s car blocking the road. The driver of the car heading in the opposite direction of George got out and made the statement “Do I just see what I thought I saw?” So it was just not George who saw the Sasquatch so hopefully through social circles this other person will talk about this account.

The other important thing that George told me was that the Sasquatch made his 7 foot tall relative look like a little kid in comparison. I wanted to come up with a method to determine the actual height of the Sasquatch using the information George provided with regards to the length of its stride. According to George, the creature was able to walk with three steps and easily cross the length of the highway. Not taking a chance of trying to measure the length of Hwy 410 due to traffic, I was able to look up the standard minimum length of one highway lane to be around 12 ft. That means the Sasquatch foot to foot stride was at least this length. I was also able to look up the average human adult foot to foot stride to be approximately 32 inches. However, to make the calculation easier I rounded that up to 36″ or 3 feet. Therefore, using a ratio of the human stride compared to this Sasquatch, I was able to determine that it had a stride 4 times the length of what a human normally could do. If that ratio held true to represent height then the Sasquatch would be four times the height of a 6 ft tall human or 24 ft. Of course I did not factor in the difference in leg lengths between humans and Sasquatch so I can imagine that 24 ft would be the absolute maximum height if the leg lengths were the same ratio to the rest of the body. If the Sasquatch legs were almost twice as long as a human on average then our calculation of the ratio would change to roughly half that size to around 12 ft which would, in my opinion, would have been the absolute minimum height. So an average height of 15 to 18 ft is not unreasonable.