The Cloaking Bigfoot

On September 11th, 2014 during the second Barb and Gabby Camp Out (my first), we hiked as a small group along a small trail leading toward a gifting spot maintained by our friend Sandy. Others from the main group, including Barb’s dad and his wife Juanita decided to take the main trail up a little bit further to sit and rest. Along the way, Barb stopped to show us a snapped tree that had recently been broken in the middle while Sandy continued on by herself towards her gifting area. Barb’s IPod was on record while pointing out that something had hit that tree hard and fast to cause the new break without completely snapping off the older break.

While Barb was talking, she immediately caught sight of a domed headed creature running towards the left and away, mowing over the weeds as it went. Barb pointed her Ipod in the general direction and shouts, “What the heck was that? Did you see that? There’s something taking off right there!”

According to Larry, one of the members of the group, I reacted to the sound it was making because I immediately turned to look myself but whatever was there had already taken off. Barb continued “Did you see that? I just saw something small and black take off that way fast! Boy I hope it was on camera!”.

After a short discussion concerning what was just seen, we decided to go back to the main trail and meet with the others. They were only a hundred yards away and maybe they saw something too. Juanita told Barb that Chita (Juanita’s small dog she was holding) starting barking at something that was crossing the main trail. Juanita then looked in the direction where we were and saw something small and black shimmering down a tree and take off at the same time that Barb spotted the larger Bigfoot. Afterwards, we continued on up the main trail to a bridge on a logging road.

In the meantime, Sandy had just finished checking out her gifting spot and was wondering where everybody went. She came back along the small trail and then turned ascend the main trail where we had already been. As Sandy got to the same spot where Juanita had her sighting, she began to hear a woman’s voice. Although Sandy could not make out what was being said, it conveyed the feeling of a mother calling in her children.

Later that evening, while we were cooking supper, Barb took the opportunity to review the video on her Ipod to see what was caught. As she got to the part where she had seen something move and run, there was something strange dropping down off of a branch. It wasn’t black at all like she expected but whatever it was, it looked strangely distorted. “What the heck is that?” she wondered. She then decided to upload the video to her Windows Surface computer tablet in order to get a larger screen view of what was going on.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” was the next thing we heard as she was sitting in her chair stunned!

A few of us rushed over not knowing what to think and asked “What’s wrong, Barb?”

She just pointed to her computer tablet saying, “The Ipod can’t do this! This is Hollywood stuff!” pointing to the spot on the video for us to observe carefully. The tablet screen was still too small to see clearly so we uploaded the video to a laptop.

We took turns looking at the laptop of this strange distortion jumping down from a branch and taking off! Everyone suggested we needed to see this on yet a bigger screen. Barb’s dad and his wife Juanita were camping in their RV in a campground just above us and had brought with them a special computer that was built into a twenty four inch screen.

As I reviewed the video, I could tell that there was a creature jumping down but it had no real color. Instead it seemed to match the colors behind it as it was moving. It was as if the creature was translucent – being able to see through it but still having it partially visible as if looking through a soap bubble. Several of us immediately thought of the movie “Predator” when the creature became partially invisible and jumped down from a tree. It was identical to this except this was NOT science fiction! This was for real!

We later did a re-creation of events to determine where exactly the anomaly was and where it ran. We determined it to be seventy five feet away from our position and found two sets of nine and one half inch footprints… one going to the left and into a cubbyhole we found under a log and the other was straight back and around closer to where the other group was at.

The video generated a lot of interest in the Bigfoot community and several researchers produced their own analysis videos of what they thought this creature jumping down from that branch was and why it seemed to be cloaked (or gave the appearance of such). The opinions ranged from it being a Grey Alien, a Bigfoot and even someone suggesting it was simply a leaf falling to the ground. The large dark spot seen in the original video did, in fact, look much like the large black eye of a Grey Alien.

I did my own analysis on the video and personally determined it to be a larger Sasquatch stooping down before running off with a smaller juvenile on its shoulders. The large eye I saw earlier was actually the head of the juvenile lunging forward from the jolt of the larger one stooping down quickly. Below is my analysis video:



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