The Light Portal and Orb

Following the discovery of the strange cloaking Bigfoot the previous evening, I made a mental intention to return to that trail and not bring any recording equipment whatsoever. My reasoning was, since the Sasquatch seem to know when electronic equipment is around and do what they can to shy away from it, it was more important for me to have a personal experience of some kind than to try to capture it on video. Actually, I was kind of hoping for one of them to walk right up to me and, at the very least, exchange glances.

So on Sept 12th, 2014 I headed back to that area. As I walked up the trail, I noted that the wind was picking up and upon passing to the other side of the little valley we now call the “field of dreams”, a strange but euphoric feeling came over me. I began to talk to everything around me, the trees, the animals, the birds and especially the Sasquatches. I was up there alone and within a hundred yards from where the cloaked Bigfoot mentioned in the previous post appeared. I turned to go back and encountered an even more amazing sight! Suspended in the air a couple of feet above the ground was four rods of glowing reddish/orange lights forming the shape of a rectangular box. This wasn’t there a few minutes earlier and must have appeared after I walked past it. Shown below is a graphic simulation video of what I witnessed and is very close to what I saw of the light rods over the actual spot in the photo:

At first I thought that it was strong sunlight reflecting off the ground until, as I got a little closer, noticed that the light rods were above the ground and not reflecting off of anything! As I moved around it, the rods were stationary as if they were part of a 3D object on a CAD software program. Also if anyone has seen the light sabers on Star wars, this was like seeing the same thing but in real life!

A strange calmness came over me as I was not in fear of this but was awestruck and said to myself, “Well, you don’t see that everyday!” Did I come upon a portal of some kind and was this associated with the Sasquatch in some way? I didn’t dare get closer to it though as I really didn’t like the prospect of being thrust into some other dimension or world. I kept my distance, being no closer than fifteen feet from it, and felt it was best to just observe especially if I had no understanding of what I was really dealing with!

As I passed it and looked back, a large beach ball sized orb appeared out of nowhere. It was translucent like a giant soap bubble and glowed with orange electrical sparks of energy. It slowly made it’s way between and into the four light rods and within seconds, the whole thing disappeared.

On September 28th, 2014 I came back to look for any evidence that the portal may have left behind. As I walked to the same spot, I looked down and discovered the ground area where the portal had been suspended was completed sheered away and formed a nearly perfect triangle as shown below:

Evidence of the Light Portal

It was if someone took a large sharp blade and scraped the leaves and undergrowth clean away. As I examined it closer, I even noticed that all the trees roots that were close to the surface were also shaved clean to the same level as the ground. It’s one thing for someone to simply clear off an area down to the soil but it’s not possible for someone to precisely shave across a perfectly flat area cutting through not only dirt but also rocks and roots!

What could possibly cause this? All I can do is speculate but since the light portal was over that spot, it’s possible that whatever was within it’s energy field (including part of the ground) also disappeared with it as it pulsed out of sight! This experience still affects me each and every day. It was like watching the special effects in a Sci-Fi movie but this was for real! The unseen reality that most people never experience was coming at me like a freight train and this was only the beginning as I would soon find out within that hour!

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