Shape Shifting Entity on Video!

September 25, 2016 – Almost a year had passed since I witnessed the light portal and orb and I had yet to publicly report the incident on my YouTube channel. I hesitated due to the fact that I had very little proof other than my word and the photo of the sheared triangle on the ground. I did, however, disclose the incident during a presentation for the Team Squatchin’ USA Bigfoot group headed by Dr. Matthew Johnson a few months after he, along with several others and at different times, had witnessed an amazing portal at a location referred to as SOHA in southern Oregon.

As time passed in my research, it became clear that any research involving the Sasquatch would also lead to unexplainable events that could not fit neatly in the “scientific box” that many old school researchers would confine themselves to. Anything that fell outside of this “box” would either be ignored or dismissed as invalid evidence. Also, during my earlier involvement with the general Bigfoot community, I felt the peer pressure to conform to preset limits on what you could or could not report. Anything that was unusual or “out there” would be met with ridicule by certain individuals who felt they had to police or censor information, pictures or videos that did not help to establish that Bigfoot was a real animal running around in the woods and certainly a lessor being than us humans. The threat to them was to suggest otherwise, that the Bigfoot were, in fact, a race of intelligent human-like beings with their own sense of community and spirituality.

Thanks to people like Dr. Johnson and others who have not held back on reporting the strange and unusual experiences, often referred to as the “woo”, I decided it was time to come forward publicly on my experience of the light portal and orb on video. I felt it would be best to tell the story while I walked and recorded video along the same path in the area I call the Field of Dreams as I remembered it. So on August 27th, 2015, I headed to the area and stopped at a spot on the trail where I would start recording. I was amazed though at all the crazy activity up on the ridge with stick knocks while I set up my camera. I remember saying out loud, “I know! I know! I know you guys are up there but I’m here for a different reason and I need to get this done!” Go figure… the one time when the Sasquatch are trying to get my attention and I ignore them to do something else! So I passed up the opportunity to focus on all that activity just so I could tell my story about the portal!

I proceeded to record the video as I walked slowly toward the spot where it appeared and, finishing up, I headed back to my cabin to edit the video. I added a simulation of what I saw the prior year and posted it to my YouTube channel as “Episode 35 – Light Portal/Orb Encounter!

A few days later, a regular viewer of my videos made the following comment:

“Am I going crazy at 6:35 minutes in, or is there a creature almost in the center screen between the two larger trees showing off its upper body for thirty seconds or so? Blends in very well but I see movement, cone head, clear eye brows, face and upper arms from something?”

I reviewed the video slowly and was shocked to see this large head pop up just like what the viewer reported. Although the camera was moving, it was still pointed in the same general area the creature was and I was able to observe it for a half a minute before it moved behind the tree.

I undertook the task of creating a series of screen shots showing not only the different movements being made but also changing facial expressions. As I examined each shot carefully, I also noticed something else – the head seemed to be morphing into different shapes as well! On the following page are four of those screen shots and starting with the first one on the left to the right and down, you will easily see the head moving but also changing shape:


On the following video, you can watch this movement in slow motion:

The following photo comparison of me standing in the same spot will give you some idea how big this entity was:


From my personal observation, it starts out looking like a Grey Alien with large eyes before changing into something that more resembles a Sasquatch. Was this a Sasquatch or a Grey? I couldn’t tell you for sure but perhaps the Sasquatch on the ridge were really trying to warn me that something was in the Field of Dreams before I started recording! Although this left me with more questions than answers, it would not be the end of the story as you will later find out in an upcoming article.

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