The Bigfoot and Little People of the Cascades

It’s been a busy couple of years for me not only trying to do my research but dealing with certain health issues and the loss of a dear friend that was living with me. There has been plenty to report about with all the wonderful experiences we are having in the Cascade mountains and some great photos of our forest friends, the Sasquatch. Most of this has been posted on the Planet Sasquatch Facebook group since it’s easier to pop on a post with a couple of pics and a couple of sentences. It does take much more work to write a blog but I feel I need to get back in writing mode as I started work on my second book but got nailed by some serious health problems that landed me in the hospital a month ago. I am feeling much better now and have the energy to once again crank out some much needed information.

Back when I started having experiences with the Sasquatch in 2013 my focus was only on studying them, who they were, where did they live and what did they eat. A lot was learned in the course of two years including three encounters with the young ones and a direct encounter with an adult that acknowledged me waving at him. However there were things I did not expect like seeing them cloak and witnessing orbs and a light portal. I had to accept this as very real events and it caused me to expand my questions to include:

Are they inter-dimensional?
Can they go from a physical form to becoming orbs?
What was that light structure I saw with my own two eyes? A portal or the visible part of a larger ship?

This was a lot to digest and left me with more questions than answers.

Although I had a full sixty second experience of watching the reddish/orange glowing light array pulsating in mid air and a beach ball sized orb moving toward it before entering it, I did not immediately report this event on my YouTube channel. This actually occurred on September 12th of 2014, just one day after Barb Shupe, in the company of myself and others, captured a cloaking Bigfoot on her Ipod in the same area. Her video is easy to find on YouTube if you search “barb cloaking bigfoot”. There are also a number of analysis videos including the one I did revisiting that event:

Being blown away by both of these over-the-top events I waited almost a full year before I decided to do a video about the portal/orb by retracing my steps and describing what I saw.  The video is still on my YouTube channel and is linked below:

This video was recorded on August 22nd of 2015 and then posted to YouTube. Soon afterwards, a YouTube viewer messaged me about a large dark entity watching me from a nearby tree as I walked by. I went back to review the video and was stunned by what I saw! It seemed to appear out of no where and went through a series of what can best be described as shape shifting its form several times. The enhanced slowed version of this is below:

So now I had to expand my thinking again and ask if the Sasquatch could shape shift as well. However, it also began to occur to me that maybe there are other kinds of entities out there – not just the Sasquatch.

Just a couple of weeks later on September 9th of 2015, I once again walked through this magical spot I now call the Field of Dreams and turning around to walk back I took a photo towards the spot where I first witnessed the light portal. After getting home and examining the photo, there next to the portal spot were two entities – one looking like a Sasquatch but the other clearly something else.  This other being stood about 6′ tall and was wearing clothing like a rob with a pleated top (see below):


More questions! Who was this? An ET? Since this all happened near that light portal spot, were different entities coming and going using this as a transport portal to other planets or perhaps another dimension? Whatever preconceived notions I had before this about virtually everything evaporated because now I knew anything seemed possible! However, the fun was just starting for me with even more startling revelations!

December 1st of 2015 – My friend Patrick Epistemon and I went to a newer area a few miles further away from my original research spot. As we tried to clear a way to get through it was obvious that all manner of trees and brush were pushed onto the old logging road we were following and was not caused by human hand. We nicknamed this the Fortress for that reason. Someone did not want humans to have easy access to this area! My very first photo while there at first revealed an interesting being that I assumed was a small Sasquatch cuddling a baby. This is a very enlarged part of the main photo (it was not right in front of me but at least 25 ft away):

The Fortress Watcher

Examining the other part of the main photo my eyes were drawn to some branches that seemed to have something colorful behind them:


I could discern a small group of human looking beings standing behind the branches. The only shocking thing to me was the fact that they could not be any larger than a few inches! Once again I kept this to myself figuring that I’d report on it if anything like this ever crops up again. Well, I don’t have to wait long and this time it happened in the Field of Dreams almost a year later in the later part of 2016. As I was examining one photo I noticed something shiny and not at all natural and what looked like a gold helmet:


Here’s a closeup:


It was another Little person skulking around the ferns! In the following months, I started seeing more of them in my photos and decided to do my first YouTube video about them:

As time passed, it became apparent that there was not only clans of Sasquatch living here in the Cascade Mountains but also villages of Little People that best I can determine live underground or directly under large old tree stumps that have been hollowed out on the inside.  In December of last year I took a photo that revealed my clearest picture of a white haired Little person not more than a 10 feet from where I was standing (of course I did not notice him until after I looked carefully at the photo on the computer):



Standing further back was a young Sasquatch that catch my attention first:


In January of this year I captured a photo of what I call the Little Warrior:



Since then I have been looking at my earlier photos and discovered another Little that was actually wearing miniature reading glasses:


As of a couple of days ago I had the privilege of both a Little Person (left) and Sasquatch (right) together in a photo:



I will add more to this particular post – there is so much to share but now I need to get ready for a radio program I’ll be on tonight so until next time…


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