When the Universe Listens…

This past Saturday (July 7th, 2018) started out as any other day in the mountains. My friend Anita came up for the weekend and after getting some coffee and a bit of breakfast at Wapiti Woolies, we made plans for which of our research areas we would visit first. The previous day I had received a message that I should bring Anita down to the Field of Dreams (research area #1) to address the Little People together. It seems they are really digging the interactions they are having with me and they wanted more of my friends to engage them as well or at least acknowledge them when visiting.  So the intention was to go to this area first closer to Greenwater before driving to our more remote spot.

As we got in Anita’s car something told me to change plans and go to the more remote area (we call the Fortress) first. As we approached this spot there were campers there so we decided to drive up the mountain road towards a particular hairpin turn above the Fortress and then park. Here’s the funny thing… both of us spontaneously said or thought “Let’s just continue on to the top of the mountain.” So as we continued past the hairpin turn, my mind drifted for a minute about my health concerns and how I’ve been thinking about getting back to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment.

Arriving to the top and parking, we got out and admired the beautiful weather and the awesome panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. However, the trash and shotgun shells laying all over the place was a big distraction and I didn’t feel right about pulling out our gravity chairs to relax amid all this debris. So I suggested we at least pick up a lot of the trash and shotgun shells before taking it easy on the chairs. A half hour later we had two large sized bags filled as can be seen above. We were trying to do our part in being good stewards to the planet by our effort and it was a great feeling in doing so.

Finally we grabbed our Indian drums and my flute before kicking back on the gravity chairs to play. The combination of Anita’s drum and my flute made for some beautiful music and we continued playing for several minutes before a car pulled up. We thought at first it may have been people looking to do some target shooting and the last thing we wanted was for anyone to invade this spot and mess it up all over again. So we continued playing.

It turned out to be a couple. The woman got out first and walked over to us and complemented us on the music. It turned out that they were looking for a place to camp by the river below but something told them that they should continue on up the road. I said “You’re in luck! We just cleaned up this area right before you arrived.” By then, the man got out and walked over to introduce himself. It didn’t take long to realize that they were on the same spiritual path that me and Anita were on as we talked about the universe and consciousness. It was as if we knew each other for years and that in itself was an awesome experience. We welcomes them to go ahead and set up camp while we continued to play the drums and flute. They were also going to be joined by their spiritual teacher who was also going to camp for the night.

At some point they pulled out their business cards and it turned out he was a chiropractor and she was an esthetician – both were involved in the work of healing! He then says “I just so happen to have my adjustment table with me in the car and I can give both you and Anita adjustments”. Talk about the universe answering back as I was just thinking about this earlier before we arrived!

After they set up camp and gave us chiropractic adjustments it was time they had to go back to Greenwater to meet their teacher so she could follow them back to their campsite. Since they were going back we offered to go back and meet their teacher at the general store. I also suggested they follow me to my place to get some firewood to help them out. Meeting their teacher was extremely enlightening and both Anita and myself told them we were coming back to the campsite a little later.

As we arrived back at the camp around 7pm the couple along with the teacher were gathering even more trash and shotgun shells along with the brass spent rounds. We proceeded to help them finish the task. I was also surprised at the number of unspent 22 rounds we found and we made sure they were separated from the other brass rounds for safety sake. The rest of the evening at the camp was unbelievable. So much information to be shared. What really floored us was the teacher wanted this couple to come out there and not only connect with nature and also learn about the forest peoples and entities that dwelt there. Of all the people this couple runs into, we are the ones the universe provided for them to learn what they needed about these very things!

By the way, earlier when we were playing music right before they arrived, I had one of my intuitive moments, grabbed my camera and took pictures off to the right side of the mountain. The Sasquatch were there and they were also nearby as we sat around the fire later that night!



When the universe listens… it will also answer…

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