Inter-Dimensional Encounter at the Beach

Portal Location on the Beach

The following blog article was first posted on my Pleiadiansage Blog site [] on December 15, 2017 and felt it was important to also include on Planet Sasquatch since all these experiences seem to be related:

It’s been a while since I have posted an article as I have been busy in my interactions with the Sasquatch and my spiritual guides in ramping up my remembrance or re-learning of the knowledge of universal truths. Along the way I have discovered more of my empathic and psychic abilities as my pineal gland (3rd eye) becomes more active. This has also heightened my ability to know when the Sasquatch are around and has assisted me in knowing when to take pictures in certain directions and later discover them upon photo analysis.

As of this past summer, my friend Anita Hlebichuk has been accompanying me in my research out in the Cascade Mountains. Due to her own unique psychic abilities of being able to mentally see or hear beings such as the Sasquatch or Little People, it has worked out well for both of us in making sense of our experiences. We both came to the conclusion that the nature of reality is vibratory and entities we don’t normally sense in the 3D world are simply vibrating higher or lower than our own quantum state. That being said, our experiences with what we feel is completely inter-dimensional has increased, surprisingly since the solar eclipse of few months back.

In mid November we both attended the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, WA to glean more information from the speakers but mainly to meet up with fellow friends and researchers. Getting there on a Friday afternoon and checking into our hotel, we decided to take a drive down the peninsula as the weather was nice and it was something I really enjoyed doing all the times I visited before. As we got to the half way mark of the drive, Anita began sensing a deep sadness, not for herself, but from some other entities. As I asked further of what she was feeling she best described it as the sadness of being stranded, knowing you will never see home or loved ones again. The feeling continued to intensify the closer we kept driving towards the peninsula’s tip. It seemed to be strongest near a turn out parking area that gave access to the breakers between the ocean and Aberdeen Bay.

We were perplexed as to what this could be. Were these the spirits of long lost sailors who are bound to the earth forever? “A ship”, she says, “it has something to do with getting here on a ship.” There was not much more we could make of this as it was getting time to attend the evening session of the Summit so we left.

Saturday morning we ended up getting a late start and decided the Summit’s morning session would have to be a wash. After a quick breakfast we decided to give it another go towards the end of the peninsula to see if Anita would sense these entities again. Sure enough, after we made it down to the half way mark, she once again was sensing the sadness but this time I started to sense something additional about them but waited to tell Anita. As we neared the same parking area next to the breakers I said, “Anita, they’re not dead spirits. They are inter-dimensional beings and the ship that they are referring to is not a boat but some kind of inter-dimensional or space transport vehicle.” I told her that’s the explanation that came over me very strongly but I didn’t want to say anything out of doubt. “That’s it! That’s what they are!” as Anita continues to confirm what she was now getting. It’s like, what I said, was the key for her to make sense of who these entities were.

After parking we decided it was time to walk down towards the breakers to see if anything else came across. Anita is now sensing them off the chart as we close in on a particular spot and stop. She then picks up messages from them that they actually came here via an energy portal. Their collective voice tells her to look for a tall piece of wood sticking up on the beach. We looked over about 50 ft and noticed four tall sections of driftwood that were staked in the ground to form a box, within it were stacked a number of other logs. As we approached, Anita gets confirmation that this is the spot where the portal exists or, at least, where the entities are able to see it in their own dimension. They furnish additional information to Anita as she could best interpret it:

  • They are very different in nature from what we are in this reality and could never exist in our 3D world.
  • They are from a place that that could never get back to as the portal they were using malfunctioned and they ended up here.
  • They could travel anywhere on the planet but it still is not home to them.
  • They had been here for a very long time, hundreds if not thousands of years from what she was feeling.
  • They had given up all hope of leaving to go home hence the intense sadness they were feeling.

The letters “TC” and the color red was also sensed by Anita when she inquired what or who they were called. [We now refer to them as the TC Inter-Dimensionals. The color red is still a mystery.]

I proceeded to write the letters “T C” in the sand along with an old Nordic symbol Ansuz (similar to “F” that I use to represent myself to the Sasquatch) and placed my hand on one of the driftwood supports of the portal location.

We both felt helpless as there was nothing we could do to solve their problem of getting home. Although the sadness was still felt of being homesick there was no longer the sense of total isolation as they were finally able to contact a human directly. There was one humorous moment where I keep asking questions through Anita, “Can you ask them this or that?” and she would come back and say they can hear and understand my thoughts directly so I didn’t need to use her as a go-between. After lingering for a bit we left in order to attend the Saturday afternoon session.

After we arrived at the casino where the Sasquatch Summit was taking place, Anita went off to take care of some things working with another friend who had a vendor table in the front. I walked in the main conference area but did not feel compelled to stay but a few minutes so I walked out and talked with a number of people who knew me. Just as I grabbed a cup of complementary coffee and sat down on a comfortable lounge chair I could still sense the TCs and felt their emotions coming through. I could also feel their thoughts starting to come through so I grabbed my notepad, cleared my mind and let their thoughts flow through as I continued to write. After 2 1/2 pages of writing I stopped and was very surprised at some of the information that I didn’t understand at first.

This is the message they gave me:

“We come from a distant region of space in another form of reality. We exist as energy forms on a different plane of existence. We are giving you the ability to receive our thoughts by tuning into your particular energy pattern. We will guide your thoughts to form expressions that make sense to humans. As far as Anita is concerned, she has the ability to not only hear our thoughts but we hear her thoughts too. We also hear your thoughts and we can help you with the ability to hear us as well.

We are very grateful to be given this opportunity to establish communication with other sentient beings after a considerably long period of time. We travel by means of streams formed by tubular conduits that propagates our being to different locations on your planet. These conduits are energy in nature but are denser to form what you would refer to as solid objects in our existence plane but still invisible to yours. [Note: The energy Ley lines come to mind as what these conduits are.]

We are able to travel within the confines of your reality’s base energy pattern [Note: I assume this refers to the unique quantum signature of our universe or reality]

Our portal was transfixed to send and receive our energy patterns to a particular base pattern that was unique to our world and universe. That pattern became distorted somehow and, while in transference, we ended up here. There was no way to retrieve that unique base pattern thus our portal became dis-functional. It’s similar to a checksum in your computer’s memory that halts the operating system when a mismatch occurs. Due to the complexity of the pattern and combinations thereof it would be like as you would say finding a needle in a haystack.

We cannot propagate our species here nor build a meaningful life due to the mismatch of our nature to this particular reality you exist in. [Note: This sounds a bit like a limbo of sorts much like spirits stuck on the earthly realm.] We stay close to our portal location in hope that it can be fixed and activated someday.

We detected both of your energy patterns among many that were different/unique from other humans as you were attracted to our distress call coming from our portal location [Note: Anita initially sensed them and their sadness or being isolated] We were anxious to have you figure out we were here but when you left we felt grief of having our hopes dashed once again. But as you returned the next day, you stopped and walked towards our portal. We then knew we had made contact! We had confirmation that we had connected when your symbols were written in the sand.

We are overjoyed beyond belief that we are no longer alone and that is a great comfort to us!”

So that’s where it was left. We enjoyed the rest of the Summit activities and left the beach on that Monday. We both wonder about the TCs and their fate but feel there’s always hope in the universe for those that keep a positive outlook. There’s a reason for everything and there are no coincidences.

There’s was no coincidence that we took that drive down the peninsula. It was meant to happen – in was meant to give hope when all hope seemed lost…


Samantha Ritchie