Our Return to Telepathy


I received some interesting information today while driving into town regarding the subject of telepathy and it was requested that I share this:

Everything that’s conscious has the ability to use telepathy because everything is connected just like the internet is connected to most computers around the world. Every node or conscious entity has a built-in receiver and transmitter that allows communication in the etheric network. A radio receiver, for instance, has to be tuned to a particular frequencies in order to hear stations broadcasting on them. Ham radio operators, in order to communicate with each other, have to have their transmitters and receivers set on an established channel or frequency in order for everyone to communicate with each other. In the same vein every entity that communicates with each other does so by being “tuned in” to a common channel or frequency on the etheric network.

However, there is not just one channel that an entity can communicate with as multiple channels can be accessed by will. Every entity has a designated channel unique to themselves that others can tap into to send thoughts to them. The receiving entity, recognizing the source of the message will respond by transmitting a thought message back to the sender’s unique channel. In ham radio terms this would be called “cross channel communication” and is very specific to point-to-point communication.

There are also central node channels that entities can communicate with each other as a group. The is very similar to the way conference calling works in our world. In an etheric sense this would be called group consciousness that is shared by any number of entities. They can naturally tune into this simply by being part of a group that shares common interest, ideals, friendships, experiences, etc. This increases the energy bonds between individual members of the group to the point that when one member of the group has an idea or thought then others seem to come up with the same. A great example of this happens to humans when they have a close emotional bond with someone such as a mother or father. How often have you tried to call your parents on the phone just to find out that they were trying to call you at the same time! This is a form of telepathy that humans already experience but don’t realize it.

Group telepathy is more prevalent with humans than the point-to-point method. Point-to-point does require greater focus and intent directed towards a particular person for them to receive the thoughts. However, the receiving person has to have their receivers “on” in order to get the message in the first place. It seems that most humans can transmit thoughts but the problem is our internal receivers are not working in order to receive what’s being transmitted. This is why entities such as the Sasquatch and Little people can clearly “hear” our thoughts whenever we enter the forests and can thus discern our intent immediately.

Malevolent entities have taken advantage of group telepathy in humans. They have artificially created a common channel for humans through thought conditioning of the masses. Religious, political and economic belief systems are all part of this conditioning. This is further supported by all forms of media and especially now with the advent of social media to further strengthen the etheric bonds shared with each other. Humans that become engrossed in this system connect to this common channel and end up sharing the same way of thinking. Most will claim that their thoughts are their own but in reality they are receiving the same thoughts via telepathy from the group consciousness channel. The elites have also picked up on this and have used it to their great advantage by controlling masses of people in swaying elections their way to keep them in power.

Those humans that have pulled away from this conditioning and have developed new bonds with nature are in essence re-tuning their telepathic receivers/transmitters to be more in line with channels used by the forest people. Over time, the bonds become very strong and group telepathy with the Sasquatch starts to become apparent along with other humans sharing in the same experience. We then become grafted to their group in order to receive vital information that will allow ourselves to evolve further including point-to-point telepathy with individual Sasquatch/Little People as well as eventually with each other human-wise (this message is a result of that communication). This process will take time. Remember humans once had these abilities naturally. Long ago humans began to focus on the material world instead of their interconnection with nature and the abilities atrophied over time. We have to slowly bring ourselves back to this connection and re-establish our place as a responsible species on the planet. Only then will our long lost telepathic abilities be fully restored.

– Samantha Ellen Ritchie