A Concept of Quantum Realities – Part 2


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Expounding on the concept of our reality being a series of energy pulses, let’s use a few analogies to make this a bit clearer. Think about a strobe light that’s usually used at parties. Have you noticed when it’s used in a dark room with a group of people and set to a slower rate, it looks as if everyone is part of a still photo shoot. There is no perceivable motion when the strobe light is on almost like it’s part of a movie frame. However, as the strobe light is turned up to its highest rate, everything then moves in a linear fashion without the start and stop effect of still photos.

Now, as long as the strobe light pulses are on, we are able to see our reality at that point. But what happens during the time between pulses when the strobe light is not lit? Keeping that question in mind and switching back to our quantum discussion, other realities or dimensions are being experienced during the time that the strobe pulses are “off” in our reality. As far as we are concerned, we are only sensing our physical reality only as long as we perceive that these strobe-like pulses are on. Hence, the only reason why we only sense these particular set of pulses and not those in other dimensions is because our own physical bodies are only in sync with those pulses of this reality.

Another analogy would be the film used for movies before the digital age came along. As I mentioned before the film is comprised of a long set of consecutive still photos that are shown on a projector at a certain rate to give the illusion of real motion as far as our minds are concerned. But what happens if we swap out the film image with a totally unrelated image on one or two frames? If we watch the film again we may not notice anything. However let’s say the image is that of a bag of hot buttery popcorn. Once again when we watch the film, we still don’t notice anything but wait! All of the sudden we seem to have this craving for popcorn! Welcome to what is now called subliminal programming that was actually used and may still be used in today’s movies! Although this is getting off topic a bit, it’s interesting to note that although our conscious minds did not pick up on that image of popcorn, our subconscious mind was still able to process that image into the desire to eat something.


Let’s try another experiment with our imaginary film strip. Let’s place that image of popcorn on every tenth frame of the film and replay the movie. Now our conscious minds will, in fact, pick up on the image but it will appear as a very dim transparent, ghost-like image superimposed on the movie. The reason why we perceive it like this is because our minds perform a bit of processing to normalize the image information of all the frames within a particular time frame. Since the popcorn/hot dog image only appears as a small time slice compared to the related images of the movie, our minds will place greater weight on what appears the majority of time and simply downplay the popcorn image to an insignificant transparent image.

I actually tried an experiment where I took two different photos: one with some scenery and then one of the same scenery but with myself standing in front of it. I then used my video editing software to create a series of duplicate video frames of the first photo and then placed the photo of me on every fifth frame. Although it was a bit choppy, when I played the video, I was able to see the background scenery behind me thus making me somewhat transparent. The more frames of my image that were spliced in comparison with the plain scenery, the more solid I would appear!

Comparing these movie frames with strobe-like quantum pulses, could it be that the cryptids like Bigfoot and the Little People are able to go out of sync with the quantum pulses of our reality to appear less solid and more transparent? If they were not part of our dimension, that is, their strobe light is on when ours are off, all the time, then we would never know that they even existed or could even interact with them. However, that is not the case! They have appeared solid to many witnesses over the years AND they have also appeared not quite so solid to the point of being barely perceptible. That implies they have some mastery over their quantum state. Not only can they keep their quantum strobe pulses in sync with ours by appearing solid, they can adjust the strobe/pulse frequency up or down to only allow their pulses to sync up with ours only part of the time hence appearing cloaked or translucent.

This frequency rate of pulses are part of the quantum signature I previously mentioned and allows multiple dimensions to exist within the same perceivable time and space. Another question can be asked: Is it possible to have the same quantum pulse frequency but yet be out of sync with the same reality? Yes, definitely so! This involves the concept of phase shifting and I believe it explains how the Cryptids make full use of this method. As I mentioned everything that we can perceive as one of the states of matter (for instance.. solid, liquid, gas & plasma) all pulse together in sync with our own human bodies to give us that full sense of physicality. What would happen if we were able to, for a moment, cause a slight delay in the quantum pulsing at the base level of our cells?

Let’s compare this to the turning of a bicycle wheel that turns a full revolution of one turn per second. We painted the top part of the wheel with white paint in order to track where it’s at at any one point while it’s turning. Now let’s take another bicycle wheel and paint the top of it with white paint as well. If we align both wheels with the white paint at the top and start turning them at the same rate of speed, the white paint will be at the same spot on both wheels regardless of where it’s at at any one point of time. However if we were to align the first wheel to the top and then align the second wheel to start turning from the bottom, the white paint will always be at opposite ends of the wheels all the time. In our strobe light analogy, that means that whenever the pulse was on for the first wheel it was off for the second. At no point in time do the two wheels exist in the same realm or even partially. This is similar to the case of the quantum signature being at a different frequency except the frequency is the same for this reality but is said to be 180 degrees out of phase. It’s very possible that each dimension has a mirror equivalent where things exist opposite from each other in the quantum state. I’m sure most everyone has heard of noise canceling headphones. They work on the concept of using two different signals in this case audio that are 180 degrees out of phase with each other to cancel each other out. In some ways when applied to quantum states it could indicate the existence of a separate realm where the Crypids possibly reside.

What happens if the quantum pulses are less than 180 degrees out of phase? It stands to reason that as the pulses move closer to being in sync with our reality, the more visible the Cryptids will become. Starting out at 180 degrees out of phase, the Cryptids are completely invisible. As the phase shift becomes less, the Cryptids will then be seen as somewhat translucent, creating a distortion of the background behind them. In fact, I created a translucent image of myself in front of a tree and notice two important things: First, I was completely blending in with the color and texture of the tree and second, my image appeared more two dimensional almost like a flat picture against the tree. Could it be that the faces we see on trees may, at times, actually be the Cryptids looking at us while in their translucent state? Definitely food for thought!

As the phase shift becomes less than 90 degrees, the Cryptids will slowly begin to appear as solid beings. It has been my observation at times when I have taken a series of consecutive photos of Cryptids, they start out as solid but slowly fade to becoming transparent or cloaked with the background bleeding through. I believe that they prefer showing themselves as solid only when they are still and then become translucent or invisible before moving on, especially if they know they are being observed by humans. Personally, I think they have really mastered the art of stealth using their special abilities like this to completely fool 99% of the human race into thinking that they are not there at all!

It’s really amazing when photos can be taken while the Cryptids are doing their quantum state transition. I noticed they start out as solid before turning into this hazy bluish-violet glow that slowly fades out to nothing. I think the color change has a direct correlation with the change of quantum state. The higher the frequency or phase shift, the higher up in the light spectrum the colors will be displayed. They tend to be dark anyway especially on photos and, when I try to enhance the lighting and colors of the images, the Crypitds will always stand out with a bluish violet tint in contrast with the rest of the background! So perhaps their natural color is very close to the Ultraviolet color band of the light spectrum. Only children and certain people can see up in this range and note all the details, the rest of us only see a very dark silhouette of a figure. Perhaps this gives meaning to the phrase that the Bigfoot live in the shadows! Once they start their quantum transition their lower UV color goes higher to the point that no human can see them as they fade out of sync with our reality.

There may be some scientific basis for this color shift if an object experiences a quantum shift of frequency or phase. I’m sure everyone has parked in front of a railroad track while a high speed train approaches blowing their horn. Notice that the horn not only gets louder and the pitch of the tone starts to go higher. As the train passes, the horn immediately starts to go lower in pitch as it fades off in the distance. What we have experienced is the Doppler Effect – As a sound source moves closer to us the pitch goes up and conversely, when it moves away the pitch goes down. Light is also affected by the Doppler Effect, for instance, in detecting distant planets. As planets move closer to us their color goes up in the light spectrum while going down as it moves away. By measuring these color changes, scientists can determine if objects in space have an orbital pattern thus indicating the possibility of a planet. It is my contention that there is also some kind of Doppler Effect in play as objects or beings transition their quantum state to affect their color as observed us. Since our quantum state as humans seem locked in place, the rising change of quantum state of an observable object is similar to it “moving rapidly towards us ” thus raising its color as a side effect. The opposite is true too, as an object changes its quantum state lower to match ours, it’s slowing down and lowering the color of the object as it fades in to a solid state.

So, in conclusion, I have presented quite a few concepts that seem to make sense with everything I have personally observed with the Cryptids over the years. Keep in mind this is just a proposed theory and some of what I talked about may or may not be completely on target. However, I think it has the ring of truth and, at the very least, will get others to think about this for further research.