The Light Portal and Orb

Following the discovery of the strange cloaking Bigfoot the previous evening, I made a mental intention to return to that trail and not bring any recording equipment whatsoever. My reasoning was, since the Sasquatch seem to know when electronic equipment is around and do what they can to shy away from it, it was more important for me to have a personal experience of some kind than to try to capture it on video. Actually, I was kind of hoping for one of them to walk right up to me and, at the very least, exchange glances.

So on Sept 12th, 2014 I headed back to that area. As I walked up the trail, I noted that the wind was picking up and upon passing to the other side of the little valley we now call the “field of dreams”, a strange but euphoric feeling came over me. I began to talk to everything around me, the trees, the animals, the birds and especially the Sasquatches. I was up there alone and within a hundred yards from where the cloaked Bigfoot mentioned in the previous post appeared. I turned to go back and encountered an even more amazing sight! Suspended in the air a couple of feet above the ground was four rods of glowing reddish/orange lights forming the shape of a rectangular box. This wasn’t there a few minutes earlier and must have appeared after I walked past it. Shown below is a graphic simulation video of what I witnessed and is very close to what I saw of the light rods over the actual spot in the photo:

At first I thought that it was strong sunlight reflecting off the ground until, as I got a little closer, noticed that the light rods were above the ground and not reflecting off of anything! As I moved around it, the rods were stationary as if they were part of a 3D object on a CAD software program. Also if anyone has seen the light sabers on Star wars, this was like seeing the same thing but in real life!

A strange calmness came over me as I was not in fear of this but was awestruck and said to myself, “Well, you don’t see that everyday!” Did I come upon a portal of some kind and was this associated with the Sasquatch in some way? I didn’t dare get closer to it though as I really didn’t like the prospect of being thrust into some other dimension or world. I kept my distance, being no closer than fifteen feet from it, and felt it was best to just observe especially if I had no understanding of what I was really dealing with!

As I passed it and looked back, a large beach ball sized orb appeared out of nowhere. It was translucent like a giant soap bubble and glowed with orange electrical sparks of energy. It slowly made it’s way between and into the four light rods and within seconds, the whole thing disappeared.

On September 28th, 2014 I came back to look for any evidence that the portal may have left behind. As I walked to the same spot, I looked down and discovered the ground area where the portal had been suspended was completed sheered away and formed a nearly perfect triangle as shown below:

Evidence of the Light Portal

It was if someone took a large sharp blade and scraped the leaves and undergrowth clean away. As I examined it closer, I even noticed that all the trees roots that were close to the surface were also shaved clean to the same level as the ground. It’s one thing for someone to simply clear off an area down to the soil but it’s not possible for someone to precisely shave across a perfectly flat area cutting through not only dirt but also rocks and roots!

What could possibly cause this? All I can do is speculate but since the light portal was over that spot, it’s possible that whatever was within it’s energy field (including part of the ground) also disappeared with it as it pulsed out of sight! This experience still affects me each and every day. It was like watching the special effects in a Sci-Fi movie but this was for real! The unseen reality that most people never experience was coming at me like a freight train and this was only the beginning as I would soon find out within that hour!

The Cloaking Bigfoot

On September 11th, 2014 during the second Barb and Gabby Camp Out (my first), we hiked as a small group along a small trail leading toward a gifting spot maintained by our friend Sandy. Others from the main group, including Barb’s dad and his wife Juanita decided to take the main trail up a little bit further to sit and rest. Along the way, Barb stopped to show us a snapped tree that had recently been broken in the middle while Sandy continued on by herself towards her gifting area. Barb’s IPod was on record while pointing out that something had hit that tree hard and fast to cause the new break without completely snapping off the older break.

While Barb was talking, she immediately caught sight of a domed headed creature running towards the left and away, mowing over the weeds as it went. Barb pointed her Ipod in the general direction and shouts, “What the heck was that? Did you see that? There’s something taking off right there!”

According to Larry, one of the members of the group, I reacted to the sound it was making because I immediately turned to look myself but whatever was there had already taken off. Barb continued “Did you see that? I just saw something small and black take off that way fast! Boy I hope it was on camera!”.

After a short discussion concerning what was just seen, we decided to go back to the main trail and meet with the others. They were only a hundred yards away and maybe they saw something too. Juanita told Barb that Chita (Juanita’s small dog she was holding) starting barking at something that was crossing the main trail. Juanita then looked in the direction where we were and saw something small and black shimmering down a tree and take off at the same time that Barb spotted the larger Bigfoot. Afterwards, we continued on up the main trail to a bridge on a logging road.

In the meantime, Sandy had just finished checking out her gifting spot and was wondering where everybody went. She came back along the small trail and then turned ascend the main trail where we had already been. As Sandy got to the same spot where Juanita had her sighting, she began to hear a woman’s voice. Although Sandy could not make out what was being said, it conveyed the feeling of a mother calling in her children.

Later that evening, while we were cooking supper, Barb took the opportunity to review the video on her Ipod to see what was caught. As she got to the part where she had seen something move and run, there was something strange dropping down off of a branch. It wasn’t black at all like she expected but whatever it was, it looked strangely distorted. “What the heck is that?” she wondered. She then decided to upload the video to her Windows Surface computer tablet in order to get a larger screen view of what was going on.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” was the next thing we heard as she was sitting in her chair stunned!

A few of us rushed over not knowing what to think and asked “What’s wrong, Barb?”

She just pointed to her computer tablet saying, “The Ipod can’t do this! This is Hollywood stuff!” pointing to the spot on the video for us to observe carefully. The tablet screen was still too small to see clearly so we uploaded the video to a laptop.

We took turns looking at the laptop of this strange distortion jumping down from a branch and taking off! Everyone suggested we needed to see this on yet a bigger screen. Barb’s dad and his wife Juanita were camping in their RV in a campground just above us and had brought with them a special computer that was built into a twenty four inch screen.

As I reviewed the video, I could tell that there was a creature jumping down but it had no real color. Instead it seemed to match the colors behind it as it was moving. It was as if the creature was translucent – being able to see through it but still having it partially visible as if looking through a soap bubble. Several of us immediately thought of the movie “Predator” when the creature became partially invisible and jumped down from a tree. It was identical to this except this was NOT science fiction! This was for real!

We later did a re-creation of events to determine where exactly the anomaly was and where it ran. We determined it to be seventy five feet away from our position and found two sets of nine and one half inch footprints… one going to the left and into a cubbyhole we found under a log and the other was straight back and around closer to where the other group was at.

The video generated a lot of interest in the Bigfoot community and several researchers produced their own analysis videos of what they thought this creature jumping down from that branch was and why it seemed to be cloaked (or gave the appearance of such). The opinions ranged from it being a Grey Alien, a Bigfoot and even someone suggesting it was simply a leaf falling to the ground. The large dark spot seen in the original video did, in fact, look much like the large black eye of a Grey Alien.

I did my own analysis on the video and personally determined it to be a larger Sasquatch stooping down before running off with a smaller juvenile on its shoulders. The large eye I saw earlier was actually the head of the juvenile lunging forward from the jolt of the larger one stooping down quickly. Below is my analysis video:


Human’s Artificial World

One of the reasons that keep us suppressed is the fact that we, as humans, are the only creatures on this planet that require artificial structures and manufactured material things in order to survive. Think about it – every other creature that lives on this planet is well suited and well adapted to the Earth’s environment except for mankind. We seem to require these foreign jungles of concrete, brick and mortar which separate us from the natural world around us. Most people, especially those in the cities, live their entire lives with limited access to nature and are, in effect, cut off from the benefits of being fully connected to our planet such as the Sasquatch and just about everything else. Someone will argue, “But we can’t just simply live out in the woods, forging off the land as the animals do!” Well that’s true… now… at this point in time. However, I would then counter with, “And how do you think we got to this point of dependency in the first place!”

Our idea of human progress has been twisted from the very beginning of our being created as a hybrid race (yes, you read correctly). Instead of trying to learn to live on what the earth provided, using only what was personally needed for self, family or clan and giving back to the earth when it was no longer needed, we, as a race, opted to build our own artificial environment of massive cities completely cut off from the natural. What has been the result of this so-called “progress” to our planet? We have damaged all the ecosystems that are critical for the continuity of life. We have poisoned our air and waters with chemicals and, as of late, nuclear radiation (i.e. Fukushima, Chernobyl and others). We think, as humans, that we are the all-knowing beings who can make the best decisions when it comes to these ecosystems. Geoengineering has affected the natural weather patterns. Massive flooding is happening in one area of the earth and severe droughts on the other. The fish and mammals in the oceans are dying, the birds are dropping dead from the skies and everyone, humans, animals and our forest friends alike, are suffering from having their homes burned out by the massive fires that have raged across the planet. If this isn’t bad enough, there is the destructive behavior of the ruling elites that seem intent on finishing the job of turning our planet into a dead, dry ball of dirt.

Part, if not a large share of it, can be blamed on what I refer to as the human race’s handlers or controllers that I will refer to as the underlords. These beings, some not necessarily human themselves, began thousands of years ago with a program of complete manipulation of the newly created human race. First off, thanks to our initial genetic design, it made it necessary for us to have material needs such as constructed shelters to keep warm due to our hairless bodies.

If you have ever watched the movie “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carey (I highly recommend it), the focus was on an individual named Truman who, from birth, lived in a very large, constructed movie set that would serve as his entire world. This was the ultimate reality TV show where, as far as Truman was concerned, the life he was living was reality. He had no idea that he was living in an elaborate illusion created to benefit the fictional producers of the “The Truman Show”, at Truman’s expense! Sorry about this spoiler if you haven’t seen it yet but Truman ultimately became wise to his situation, discovering that everything he was ever taught was an illusion and was able to find an exit door and walked out into the real world.

In like manner, we are Truman and are living in a completely manufactured reality, all for the purpose of manipulating us for the benefit of the producers who, in this case, are the non-human/part human underlords. They have succeeded in ways you cannot believe in building this grand illusion. It comes complete with the “good guys” and the “bad guys” to make you think there are only two main points of view. Living in such a “box”, we would never realize that there was a third option or way of thinking. As long as we were thoroughly entrenched in this box or artificial environment, we would never have given a single thought that the third option was simply that this “box” was an illusion itself and true reality was just outside of it!

So, how much of our lives is an illusion? For starters, let’s talk about material needs and wants. It cannot be argued that humans do indeed have basic material needs to survive: clothing, shelter, weapons, tools to create/build things and cooking implements. I would say, this was what people two centuries ago had as most of their possessions. This was their needs and could make a very small list. Fast forward to today and I would say that the average person’s list of “needs” would be many times larger. What may have existed before as a “want” is now considered a need by today’s standard of living. Add to that, the creation of new devices and inventions to “make our lives easier” has amplified that “needs list” to the point of ultimately causing massive clutter in our homes. The underlords, by conditioning us to think we cannot get by without the latest and trendiest device, have caused us to become further dependent on their control system. How many times do we hear people say, “I can’t live without that!” or “but the Jones’ have a new car, why can’t we?” It’s amazing to see how addictive material possessions can be, especially if you ever watched stores open up early mornings on Black Fridays – the worse of humanity can be witnessed. All this is fueled by the constant drum beat of commercials that pound the message of “Buy! Buy! Buy!” into our heads, turning a “want” into an absolute “need”.

Another similar form of conditioning is what we have been taught with regard to being successful in life. We are presented with this ideal of “living the good life!”, as if there’s a carrot on a stick being dangled in front of us. Shows featuring the lifestyles of the rich and famous bombard us on TV constantly, adding more fuel to our needs list to the point of insanity! Really, how many homes do we really need? Why would we need a huge home for just a few people? Could it be, we have been told from birth that the sign of success is the accumulation of material things or property? Could it be, we have been told from birth that it’s important to gather praise from others for our quest of gathering material possessions?So how do material possessions play into the underlords hands in controlling us? Let’s think logically here. Isn’t it true that the more we have, the more we have to worry about? Don’t material possessions like homes, cars, boats, etc require regular maintenance to keep up? What about the paying of more taxes? The more we have, the more it will cost us. And what do we use to pay for things? Money! And if we don’t have enough money to pay for our material pleasures, what do we use then? Credit!

So what am I driving at here? Well, in order to have the money to cover our credit debts, we need to have a higher paying job. The key is this: the underlords do not want us to live an independent lifestyle much like many had a century or so ago. By pressuring us to buy and live beyond our means through the use of credit, we would be easy to control by forcing us to work long hours just to survive. Also, by being overly dependent on a high paying job to maintain our lifestyle, we would more likely be submissive to a corrupt system, fearing the loss of that job if we voiced our objections to unjust actions that threatened civil liberties.

Another form of control involving material things is the endless creation of social programs to benefit people by providing them food or money indefinitely, without the expectation of them getting on their feet to become self-sufficient. This too creates a serious dependency on the state for our every need. If one were in this position, he would be hard pressed to refuse the wishes of the state over the threat of having the welfare payments suspended or worse!

Now, let’s examine the spiritual side and how the underlords use belief systems to further their control agenda. This is the one area that people will have the most difficulty in dealing with since not all belief systems can be correct, especially if they’re supporting opposite points of view. In the politically correct society of today, the issue of religion has become a power-keg and a landmine if one puts down another’s faith. So I will approach it from an unbiased view in the form of questions to ask oneself:

Does ones belief system promote a dreadful fear of god and death?

Does ones belief system place demands on being obedient to a god or else suffer the consequences of an unspeakable and eternal afterlife punishment?

Does ones belief system promote the condemnation of others or their actions, who do not subscribe to that particular faith?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you will understand why we have had constant wars since our civilization began. Multiple religions have been purposely created in our artificial environment to fuel our differences, separating ourselves from each other and preventing us from unifying against the real enemy to mankind – the control of the underlords.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole a little further and discuss something related to beliefs as it applies to our own human history. In the mainstream, the underlords conveniently gave us a couple of choices in picking a history that best suits individuals. In the religious arena, there’s the common creation teaching of Adam and Eve by God and how all of mankind descended from them. Also, we have a version for the atheist called evolution of the species where we, as humans, are the result of a long chain of ever evolving creatures that started in an amino soup of acid in the ocean to our present form.

What both of these teachings hold in common is, there is no room for any Extraterrestrial involvement. The underlords go to great lengths to try to disprove their existence by claiming we are alone in the universe. The reason will become apparent as you read on.Fortunately, a third option is making it’s way into the consciousness of people that we are, in fact, created and, we also evolve. Rather, I should say, our DNA is a direct result of creation with the capacity for evolving itself into all the life we see today. As things get slowly revealed, we are learning how today’s scientists are already creating hybrid combinations of animals and of plants. It is therefore not a stretch to say that some advanced Extraterrestrial race could be responsible for creating a hybrid hominid that later becomes known as the human race, with the same being true of the Sasquatch. Also, it’s getting harder for the underlords to hide all the evidence around the world of past civilizations and technologies, much more advanced than our own, in the building of the pyramids and other structures. Also noteworthy is the finding of giant human-like skeletons from a past era. Accounts of UFOs and Extraterrestrial races and their involvement with our governments can easily be found in the testimony of many key and credible witnesses.

So why are the underlords so intent on hiding the true history and origin of the human race? For one thing, the current narrative suits them quite well in their agenda to keep us under their wings. Quite frankly, what they are hiding from us, is all the terrible acts that have been perpetrated on the human race for thousands of years – endless wars created to serve their purposes of financial gain and a way to cull the population down when it gets out of hand. Since the underlords are, by and large, either Extraterrestrials themselves or direct hybrids of such (many being considered the gods of our current religions), they do not want us to know that they are the ones responsible for the current mess we’re in, especially if the human race wakes up to the deception and massive lies that everyone has been subjected to. They also do not want us to evolve by learning the knowledge that keeps them in power. In a sense, since they only comprise a small number compared to the total population of the earth, they have more to fear from us than the other way around. Can you imagine if, one day everyone woke up and had the knowledge of what was really happening? It would be game over for the underlords and a new day would begin!

The underlords certainly don’t want us to have plenty of free time to think about our current situation and get to the point of really waking up to the truth. They want to keep us preoccupied and perpetually distracted with no time to think deeply about anything. Aside from having to work harder for less, due to decreasing wages and inflation, our remaining time is spent more and more in front of what I call the idiot box (TV) to save money from going out.

By watching programs, the underlords found a perfect solution to control us by dumbing us down so that we can’t use critical thinking to figure things out. Like an additive drug, people become obsessed with “living within the TV tube”, an artificial world that’s within the artificial world we’re already in! The underlords will go to great lengths to use sports and cop/police/lawyer stories to lock us in.

Under the spell of the “tube”, the underlords can now program us to do their bidding, causing us to buy anything they want us to buy. Big pharma pushes endless commercials for their newly developed drugs for profit, with safety seemingly a secondary consideration. Lawyers also push endless commercials for promoting lawsuits against the drugs big Pharma are pushing that harm people – again for the purpose of profit.

Public opinion can be shaped concerning issues like gun control or mandatory vaccinations. By downplaying news stories concerning how guns have saved people from becoming victims and instead, focusing on stories of how innocent people were killed by guns in the hands of criminals, the underlords can then program the thought that “Guns are bad!” in the minds of the masses. Honestly, the underlords do not want the public to have any means of defending themselves – it makes their lives easier in controlling us!

The same technique is used with regards to vaccines. By failing to report on the stories of how vaccines have either caused deaths or permanently disabled people and emphasizing the ones that claim vaccines are effective and safe, the general public is swayed to accept the taking of vaccines. Again, it’s a big plus for big Pharma to push vaccines for guaranteed profits. Speaking of big Pharma, another underlord agenda is to get the masses to become dependent on drugs whether legal or otherwise. By impacting your health adversely, we lose much of our personal power and ability to think clearly. This is all for the purpose of preventing us from focusing on the real problem – the control by the underlords!

So, in view of all the points mentioned earlier in this chapter, we have to ask ourselves, “Is this what we call progress for the human race?” People may call this “civilization”, however, the Sasquatch would refer to it as “un-civilization”. Where we are today was never supposed to happen if things went the way they should have thousands of years ago. We, as humans, would have stayed connected to the earth and all its loving energies. Our lives would have centered on spiritual concerns instead of the accumulation of materials things. In the Sasquatch’s world, the idea of ownership of land and material things is foreign. By being connected to the Earth, we would adapt to the environment through changes of our DNA brought on by those connected energies. So in essence, we never allowed ourselves to continue to evolve as the Sasquatch and all other creatures continue to do.

So what can we do now that the world is in the situation it is? The machinery that runs the corrupt world system is breaking down quickly and the artificial environment that many are living in will dissolve away. Those that hang on to dear life to this world – its egotistical madness, material possessions, a “service to self” instead of “service to others” attitude will fare badly and probably not survive.

This applies to the underlords as well – their control over us exists only because we have allowed it, although unconsciously by most. The more people become aware of their deception, the less control the underlords will have over us!

Those of us who see the writing on the wall need to step back and see that, from birth, our lives were carefully manufactured for us to create an artificial box that many would call their comfort zone. We must first acknowledge to ourselves that the old ways we were accustomed to will no longer work. We need to reinvent ourselves by taking complete personal responsibility for our lives. We need to learn how to be self-sufficient, not depending on a government to take care of us. While learning to do for ourselves, we must keep in mind that the Earth is our real environment and thus, we need to respect her for continuing to provide us with air, food and water. We must not harm the Earth by our ways, we need to take only what is needed for our families or clan/village. Technology is not a bad thing but it must not pollute the air or water, nor should it damage the land. We must remember we share this planet with other forms of life, great and small. All is precious in the sight of God/Source and we must respect everything and everyone.

Those of us who are reading these words and taking them to heart have to view ourselves as the awakened ones that will bring in a new era for how humans will live in the near future and beyond! We need to reconnect to our planet and re-learn the ways we long forgot. Collectively as a race, we need to be humble toward our older Sasquatch brothers for what has been done to our shared home. A time of healing needs to take place as we slowly reintegrate back into a full relationship with our forest friends. This is my sincere and heart-felt hope – I hope it is yours as well…

[From the book “The Sasquatch: Journey Through The Veil” By Samantha Ritchie]

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