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  1. Strange observers…

    2.  Strange square device near the face as if a helmet microphone attachment

3. Top of head visible…

4. Very well defined facial features of a Sasquatch

5. Blending in with the background…

6. Hundreds of orbs appear when I wear the Shamanic mask and start drumming…

7. Two Littles huddled close together…


Archive of Photos from Past Shows:

  1. Alien Girl in the Field of Dreams
  2. Shape shifting entity also in the Field of Dreams
  3. Owl Headdress worn by the Forest People SpiritPhoto1_000832d
  4. Rounded golden headdress
  5. Little People (3″ tall) standing next to a log by the creek
  6. Little Person with amazing facial details
  7. Sasquatch Hills research area
  8. The 3rd International Conference on Sasquatch coming up in Enumclaw, Wa this month!

Archive of Photos from Past Shows:

  1. “Little Bob” – Little person from 2014

    2. Sal – the white hair guy
    3. ET Entities?


    4. More Littles…


    5.Little People congregating above the creek


    6. Bigfoots from different times the past 4 years…


Archive of Photos from Past Shows:

  1. Cloud Message “22 13”
  2. Orbs and Portal Window


  3. Bigfoot in the Tree

    4. Little Persons from earlier today…


Archive of Photos from Past Shows:

  1. Little person near a leaf



2. Little watching us do a cleansing ceremony



3. The Wizard!



4. Young Sasquatch in the Tree



5. The Watcher



6. Fire Entities





7. Field of Dreams – Some of the residents there



7. Energy Vortexes




Enhanced Video of the Shape Shifting Bigfoot/Entity:


Slide 1 – Various screen shots of the Shape Shifting Bigfoot/Entity

Slide 2 – Size comparison to myself – it was at least 11 feet tall!

Slide 3 – First Cell Photo of the Big (Lighting Enhanced)

Slide 4 – First Cell Photo of the Big (Lighting Enhanced and Enlarged)

Slide 5 – Second Photo of the Big Guy – original Photo next to lighting enhancement


Evidence of the Light Portal

Slide 6

Graphic depiction of the Light Portal and Orb from September 12, 2014

The sheared ground leaving the shape of a triangle


Slide 7 – The Alien Beings from September 9th, 2015

Slide 8 – Single foot print behind the tavern in the snow. No other footprints were found including human or animal until I walked up to it. How can that be explained?

Little People are Real!

Slide 9 – I spotted the gold metallic helmet in the fern plant – totally out of place with the natural environment!

Slide 10 – Close up – just inches high.

LittlePeople1Slide 11 – Little person behind other Cryptid creatures

Slide 12 – Smiling person with folded arms on the side of a wood stump with some kind of miniature pet up against this guy’s face

Slide 13 – From across the creek, Little people were trying to get my attention
holding up a “poster”



Slide 14 – Little people trying to get our attention via this poster image from across the creek where we were hiking.

More of them begin to show up in the last few months…

On December 19th, 2017 I spotted these two…

Slide 15 – A young Sasquatch looks at me from behind the ferns (top yellow circle)
a Little person is laying his head on the end of the log (bottom yellow circle)

Slide 16 – Close up of the young Sasquatch


Slide 17 – Close ups of the little white haired man

After my excitement of seeing this I carefully looked back at an earlier photo…

Slide 18 – Another Little person amid branches laying on the ground

Slide 19 – Close up – notice the black squares around the eyes. This is not pixelation – it’s actual glasses/specks being worn!

Slide 20 – Up close and personal!

Even back on December 9th, 2015 when the Alien beings appeared there were Little people present!


Slide 21 – Close up

Slide 22 – Girl with gold band on her arm – from Jan 21st, 2018

Slide 23 – Close up of the Little girl in the creek area

Slide 24 – Another Little I call the Warrior shows up on Jan 6th, 2018

Slide 25 – Close up of the Little Warrior

DSC_0409eSlide 26 – Close up of the Little Warrior – note the square white device next to its face

SpiritPhoto1a_0512Slide 27 – Living under a leaf? This guy looks pretty rough!


Slide 28 – We even discovered micro-people living on a tree trunk!

SelfEnergy7Final Slide – Everything is vibration. We only sense a fraction of what’s really here!

Orbs and the Bending of Light

DSC_0159bThis appeared when I took a picture with flash straight up into the trees. This looks like a portal window!

TreeOrbs3Orbs appeared after we stuck a camera through the bottom of the stump to see what was inside

TreeOrbs5More orbs appear near the large stump

TreeOrbs6A closer look at one of the orbs. Notice the appearance of a face within.

TreeOrbs2Notice how the light is bent and distorted near the top of the stump but clear in the rest of the photo?

GiftingSpotVortexMy camera did not malfunction or move when I took this with my cell phone!